This Super Gangster Ass Bish

I welcome any IM’s inworld about what I’m wearing and also accept review copies, if you dig my style or think your work fits me, I more then welcome them!! *wiggles eyebrows* I do however; reserve the rights to post what pleases me and best fits my blog so review copies don’t always make it on here. Please understand and dont be mad *snuggles*

NOTE: All my pictures are clickable and sends you to my flickr page.. so.. CLICK AWAY!


Unless other wise posted.. this is what im wearing constantly

EYES: Negaposi Eyes
SHAPE: My own… no, i dont plan on selling it!


Now.. let’s get down to the nitty gritty aka… completely useless information you may never need to know, but I’m damn near foaming at the mouth to tell you!
(yea.. I’m bored.. I KNOW!!)

Name: Bubbles

Really? that’s your name: yes really, RL its a nickname, SL.. its.. my name!

When writing a letter, do you prefer to hand write or type?: type, my hand writing is insanely messy

Can you touch your toes, without bending your legs?: *grunts and heaves* err almost there!

Your favorite word for penis: umm I’d have to say I’m partial to PURPLE HEADED YOGURT SLINGER

Are you a night owl?: if you see me on at 3am.. that’s a YES!

Finish the sentence-on my last vacation I went to _____.: Florida and couldn’t breathe because it was THAT humid!

Am I boring you with these random questions?: yeaaaaa!

Should I ask weird ones?: ummm kays?

Have you ever crashed a friend’s car: no way!

Have you ever stolen a car: no!

Have you ever been in love: yes

Have you ever been dumped: *groans* yea

Have you ever shoplifted: umm.. there was this one time in jr high..

Have you ever been fired: once! and it wasn’t even my fault!

Have you ever been on a plane: of course, i used to travel for work about 10 times a year

Have you ever purposely set a part of yourself on fire: umm..WHAT?

Have you ever eaten sushi: the best food EVER!!

Have you ever met someone from the Internet: yes

Have you ever gone puddle jumping: all the time, even now

Have you ever played dress up: my favorite was always dressing like the Princess (me) and the Frog (baby sister)

Have you ever cheated while playing a game: i used to cheat at Candy Land *hides face*

Have you ever felt an earthquake: I live in CA, its earthquake central here!

Have you ever watched the sun set: almost on a daily basis

Have you ever slept beneath the stars: once… was perfect

Have you ever been robbed: yes.. FUCKERS stole my purse!

Have you ever been misunderstood: all the time!

Have you ever petted a reindeer/goat/kangaroo: umm, I’ve eaten all 3 if that counts

Have you ever run a red light/stop sign: once.. on accident!

Have you ever had deja vu: I have SL deja-vu..tres freaky!

Have you ever questioned your heart: yea.. i wish my mind would speak up more and shut the heart up!

Have you ever squished mud through your bare feet: mmhmm!

Have you ever been on the opposite side of the country: DC 2 or 3 times a year, i love that city!

Have you ever swam in the ocean: of course! Californian here!

Have you ever played cops and robbers: boys vs girls.. girls were cops, boys were robbers. elementary school!

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep: sadly.. yes

Have you ever paid for a meal with only coins: now there’s an idea!

Have you ever sang karaoke: i can’t carry a tune with a bucket.. but i will STILL SING!

Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t: yes.. answering this questionnaire!

Have you ever made prank phone calls: remember the sound from the GRUDGE movie? i used to think it was funny to call friends and do that erie moan.

Have you ever danced in the rain: then i caught a cold

Have you ever blown bubbles: of course!

Have you ever made a bonfire on the beach: with marshmallows please!

Have you had enough?: GOD YES!

yea, i’m pretty gangster for answering all that hmm? Yayy!


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