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She’s So Preppy….

7 May

She’s a PrepStarr
She's So Preppy....

SKIN: Pink Fuel – Harley in Hazel (Mochi Milena)
HAIR: Wasabi Pills – Veronica in Chocolate (MissAllSunday Lemon)
PIERCINGS: Haus of Darcy – Dimpled Piercing (Aydan Darcy)
TATTOO: Skream – Scattered Hearts (Jacqueline Cliassi – Store Closed)
EARRINGS: Zaara – Ansuka Pearl Drop Earrings in Day (Zaara Kohime)
BRACELET: Skream – Running Bangles in Silver (Jacqueline Cliassi – Store Closed)
RING: Miel – Mia (Mika Nieuport)
NECKLACE: Yummy – Silver Rose Pendant in Green (Polyester Partridge)
HANDS: SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands in Casual (Siddean Munro)
SWEATER: CoCo – Sweater Over Shoulders in Purple (cocoro Lemon)
TOP: Molichino – Daff Tank in Freesia (Aurelia Chauveau)
PANTS: Mon Tissu – Bloomsbury Trousers in Emerald O’s (Elie Spot)
FEET: SLink – Av-Enhance Female Medium Feet (Siddean Munro)
SHOES: FriDay – Maggie.Heels (Canary) Darling Monday

Drake – Find Your Love

It’s a cold cold day, isn’t it supposed to be summer?


My Favorite Obsession

26 Jul

Can Only Be You

SKIN: Belleza – Jade in Medium (Tricky Boucher)
HAIR: Wasabi Pills – Tanya in Jellyfish (MissAllSunday Lemon)
HAIR ACCESSORY: Boom – Tiare in Canary (Aranel Ah)
EYELINER: Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no.03 (Amberly Boccaccio)
EYELINER 2: cStar Limited – Cat Liner in Jester Cat (cStarLimited)
BLUSH: Tuli – Rosy Cheeks 2 (old group gift – Tuli Asturias)
FRECKLES: E – Beauty Marks & Freckles (Emmatrue)
PIERCINGS: Haus of Darcy – Dimpled Piercing (Aydan Darcy)
TATTOO: Skream! – Scattered Hearts (Store Closed – Jacqueline Cliassi)
EARRINGS: Zaara – Ansuka Pearl Drop Earrings (Zaara Kohime)
BRACELETS: League – Pearls & Lace Bracelet (Nena Janus)
TOP: Tee*fy – Bella Ruffles Camisole in Posy (Azure Electricteeth)
PANTS: Maitreya – Zipper Skinny Pastel in Yellow (Onyx LeShelle)
SHOES: Miel – Espadrilles Striped Bright (Miel Nirvana)
POSE: Marukin (Valencia Southard)

Thirty Seconds To Mars – Up In the Air
Love this song!!

You were the love of my life
Darkness the light
This is a portrait of the tortured you and I
Is this the, is this the, is this the end
I wrap my hands around your neck
so tight with love, love, love

Since I came back to blogging (more or less) I’ve been wearing nothing but yellow. I can’t help it! Yellow is my favorite color and I wear it often in RL! I’m sure eventually I’ll have a look without yellow in it, but today is NOT the day! I didn’t get a chance to do a close up on Belleza’s Jade skin on my other post so I had to do it today. How gorgeous is this!?? I wonder if it’ll be released in a full line, I love Asian inspired skins and can’t wait to grab it in Tan or Deep Tan. I have lots to ramble about today, but will reign it in because I seem to have too much to do and not enough time to talk about everything!

We Kick Ass…

21 Jul

… and Stuff

On Bubs
SKIN: Pink Fuel – Harley in Peach (Mochi Milena)
HAIR: Lamb – True Faith in Blush (Lamb Bellic)
EYELINER: cStar Limited – Cat Liner in Jester Cat (cStarLimited)
FRECKLES: E – Beauty Marks & Freckles (Emmatrue)
PIERCINGS: Haus of Darcy – Dimpled Piercing (Aydan Darcy)
TATTOO: Love Zombie – Swak (Pistol Mixmaster)
EARRINGS: Auxiliary – Sun Ray in Dusk (Tyr Rozenblum)
RINGS: Le Primitif – Dynasty Ring in Sterling Silver (Yani Tryce)
NECKLACE: Mandala – Okaki Dog tag in Silver (Kikunosuke Eel)
TOP: Tee*fy – Basic Knot T-Shirt in Yellow (Azure Electricteeth)
PANTS: Maitreya – Stefani Pants in BabyBlue (Onyx LeShelle)
SHOES: Monso – My First Sneakers (Morphine Janick)
POSE: Marukin (Valencia Southard)

On Fai
SKIN: WoW Skins – Hope in Milk Matural (Sawsan Secretspy)
HAIR: Exile – Piece of My Heart in Wild Fusion 2 (Kavar Cleanslate)
SHORTS: Zaara – Tara Lycra Shorts in Fuchsia (Zaara Kohime)
TOP: Apple May Designs – Say It! Tops in Jersey (Apple May)
SHOES: Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Hi-Tops (Coke Dreadlow)
POSE: Marukin (Valencia Southard)

Silversun Pickups – The Pit

Now we tumble down a hill to a fire with a crowd
The flicker becomes thicker as we bottom out
The residents don’t even notice the sudden shouts

TODAY's Ramblings:
I mentioned in my blog post my obsession with both Belleza's Jade skin and Pink Fuel's Harley skin. I should've done a close up of Jade and will do it another day, but look at the pucker on Harley! I'm so obsessed with the mouth it's obscene. I have big lips in RL and it's funny that when it comes to my AVI, I like to have some of my own features in SL as well. Big lips.. small eyes. I hope Harley is released as a full line soon, I want it in the Hazel shade so badly!

I forced my friend Fai to pose with me in casual sporty wear..because well.. I can! Fai isn't new to my blog, she's been my pretty model a lot over the years as well as a great friend. Funny enough, we started out hating each other for about 2 years. We both worked at The Edge Club (my first home!) and couldn't stand each other! She thought I was a snobby and uppity and I thought she was a whiny and immature. Then one day.. we became friends, of course she still thinks I'm snobby here and there and I still think she's whiny but it's become something we joke at each other about. Like how I dislike some of her friends or how she dislikes my tendency to adopt random noobs for fun. Friendships are funny like that, but they become the best kind.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon going over all the links I had on here! I haven't updated it since I started the blog way back in 2009! So I had all these old links that were either completely gone or inactive for the past few years! I can't believe it took a whole afternoon. Of course there's so many new blogs now, I can't even begin to keep up with who write for what. I feel like I'm under the grid these days. I'm off of all the fashion feeds now since I've been inactive for so long, so I'm not really sure who (besides my friends) really sees this now. Then again, I've always used this blog as a visual inventory for, so I'm ok if no one ever reads all these random ramblings, well mostly ok, I think my ramblings can be funny sometimes!

52 Weeks of Color: Wenge

8 Oct

On Time Again!

SKIN: Apple May Designs – Catalina (Apple May)
HAIR: LeLutka – Jolie in Walnut Whip (Thora Charron)
TOP: League – Broderie Anglais Blouse in Old Lavender (Nena Janus)
PANTS: Fishy Strawberry – High Waist Pants in Bark (Fae Eriksen)
EARRINGS: Magic Nook – Baroque Earrings in Earth (Ayumi Cassini)
BRACELET: Zaara – Sadaf Paua Bangles in Gold (Zaara Kohime)
SHOES: Maitreya – Allure in Nude (Onyx LeShelle)
POSE: !Femme (Iris Miliandrovic)

Papa Roach – Forever
Remembering exactly why I loved tattooed
boys who wear eyeliner…

You’re my heroine-in this moment
I’m lonely, fulfilling my darkest dreams
All these drugs, all these women,
I’m never forgiven,
This broken heart of mine…

What.. really Bubbles?? Two weeks in a row you’re on time? Why YES readers, I AM ON TIME for the second week in a row. YEA BUDDY! Had some much-needed SL (and RL) retail therapy this week and I have a few cute things to show off and use, but my budget was limited so I couldn’t get everything or as much as I wanted. That’s ok, I can get them next splurge weekend. I did pick up these fantastic high-waist cropped pants from Fishy Strawberry, I’ve been eyeing them since their release and lucky for me, they also work for this week’s Color Challenge: Wenge.

I was so thrown off by wenge when I first saw it as a color, but after googling it, Wenge is basically a dark wood, (yea!) easy peasy!! It helps when the “fancy” colors have simple meanings! I like this look, its soft, sweet and age appropriate. As in, I’ve been on SL for 5 years now and I feel old and way out of my short dresses that show off my crotch mode! Although, every so often, I still rock those short somethin’ somethin’s! Next week’s color is Mulberry, can’t wait to tackle it, how very sad though, only 3 weeks left to the challenge.

49 of 52…CHECK!