52 Weeks of Color: Mulberry

19 Oct

Late But Cute!

SKIN: Tres Blah – Garbo Skin (Julliette Westerburg, at Collabor88)
MAKEUP: Delusions – Eyeliner Supah Stars in Black (Whisper Mizin)
HAIR: Truth – Gabriel in Swedish w/Roots (Truth Hawks)
TOP: Fri.Day – Ballet Sweater in Berry (Viva Monday)
JACKET: Niniko – Coat Open Type in Grey (Kae Sahara)
JEANS: Luck Inc. – Tyra Jeans in Starlet Wash Dark Blue (CK Winx)
Jewelery: Miel – Sha set (Mika Nieuport)
SHOES: N-Core – Coquette Glitter Edition in Deep Purple (Claire Messenger, at Fashion Garret)
POSE: Marukin (Valencia Southard)

Nickelback – Something In Your Mouth

Crafty little lip tricks, tattoos on her left hip
She’s bending as you’re spending,
there’s no end to it, so baby come on!
Dressed up like a princess, betting that her skin smells
Better than the scent of every flower in the desert,
come on!

I knew I’d be late for this week’s Color Challenge: Mulberry, I was out-of-town this past weekend, so I waited til I got back to figure out what to wear. I’m wearing a Fri.Day freebie I picked up when they first opened 2 years ago, and never wore til now, funny huh? It doesn’t quite match the true mulberry color, but since I was pressed for time, it matched enough for me! I can’t believe it’s Week 50 and with only 2 more weeks to go, week 51 is fast approaching and I am determined to be on time for it. Cream is the color, I know I have stuff for it, I just have to find it!

50 of 52…CHECK!


One Response to “52 Weeks of Color: Mulberry”

  1. roningiles October 21, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

    I am not sure where I appeared from, Bubz. The last couple of months have been weird for Tha Ro in RL. Well, I did some things that could’ve ended up in lots of RL drama but I feel odd sharing that here.

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