52 Weeks of Color: Liver

29 Aug

My Personal Take

SKIN: CandyDoll – Jessie in Tanned (Rebeca Dembo)
EYES: Plastik – VaeColl in Senn 1 (Aikea Rieko)
MAKEUP: Boom – Love my eyes Liner (Aranel Ah)
HAIR: LeLutka – Angela in Burnt (Thora Charron)
TOP: Whippet & Buck – Elle Top in Rodeo Dust (Dakota Buck)
SKIRT: The Sea Hole – Cassia Glitter Mini Dress in Cafe (Drinkinstein Sorbet, part of outfit)
NECKLACE: Yummy – Vintage Camera Necklace (Polyester Partridge)
SOCKS: Tee*fy – Arva Socks in Wheat (Azure Electricteeth)
SHOES: Maitreya – Treaders in Rosewood (Onyx LeShelle)
POSE: Dismorph (Plastic Swords)

Collie Buddz – Alchy Ride
Why is this man so friggin’ FLY!?
I just wanna… lick him!!

I have to say, of all the colors we’ve been given thus far, none have been more controversal than this week’s Color Challenge: Liver. Liver. I know! I keep reading people saying “ew liver! yuck!” which is all fine and dandy, except I’m a cook real life and I LOVE LIVER! Yes I said it! I like organ meats in general, but liver is fantastic when cooked correctly, plus it’s the main ingredient in one of my favorite dishes, Pate. I thought about doing a pate and posting the recipe along with this week’s picture, but time got away from me and I wasn’t able to do it.

So on to the controversy I mentioned, after looking through a ton of the pics done for the challenge, the colors ranged so much! Luna’s color swatch showed an ashy gray almost. A lot of posts were ashy blacks to dark grays.. symbolizing cooked liver perhaps? Luna’s picture was more of a rusty green/brown, perhaps liver in the raw? When I searched the color liver, I got an explanation about how it’s used to describe a more brown chestnut color in horses and dogs. So my dilemma.. which is really liver, as in which will I use? Using some poetic licence, I went with the uncooked ashy reddish brown color, which is how I see liver. The color reminded me a bit of the new Treaders gift from Maitreya, so I went with it, not because I couldn’t figure out how to really interpret the color (well..sorta), but because it made a pretty cute friggin’ outfit! Plus the skirt (sooo cute!!) has a hint of that fleshy color also so in my mind.. this works. Am I reaching?? Lol, probably, but I got it done and next up is Firebrick!

43 of 52…CHECK


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