My Feet Are Too Tired For Heels

13 Jul

Sneakers Baby!

SKIN: Belleza – Aiko (Tricky Boucher)
MAKEUP: Boom – Love My Eyes Liner (Aranel Ah)
HAIR: Exile – Opal in Pecan (Kavar Cleanslate)
BIKINI: Moloko – Cruz Bikini in Dots (Jolita Korobase)
SHIRT: Moloko – Lifted Shirt Logo in Pink (Jolita Korobase)
JEANS: League – Garage Jeans Turn-Up Fit in Cool Blue (Nena Janus)
TATTOO: Aitui – WIth Force We Go (Jesseaitui Petion)
BELT: Pepper – Fishy Belt Glitter (Danni Pfeffer)
GUMMY WORM: Sanu – Gummy Worm in Electric 3 (Sanura Sakai)
CUFFS: Ha! – O-Ring Cuff in White (Trixi Wuyts)
SHOES: Moloko – Sneakers in Camo (Jolita Korobase)
POSES: Fri.Day (Jumah Monday)

Moloko – Sing It Back
Dig this song so HARD!

I have succumb to this passive sensation
Peacefully falling away
I am the zombie your wish will command me
Laugh as I fall to my knees

I used to live in sneakers in SL, but lately I haven’t been sporting them, mostly because high high heels are so gorgeous in SL and I can wear them 24 hours a day and not suffer like I do in RL after a mere few hours in 4 inch heels. Moloko makes some cute sneakers and these are crazy adorable and affordable. Sometimes I just throw things on and keep my look very casual (like I did today) but extremely cute at the same time. besides, what SL girl doesn’t have a “lifted” shirt in our inventory? This is my “Girls Gone Wild” tendency.. *flashes the grid* woooo!!


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