52 Weeks of Color: Denim

22 Jun

Yea, I’m Crazy Late

LEFT TO RIGHT: Bubs, Fai and Tatsuki

SKIN: Al Vulo, Rockberry, Belleza
HAIR: Fri.Day, Truth, Elikatira
BRAS: Fishy Strawberry, Blacklace, Blacklace
JEANS: Luck Inc., Calypso Giano, Luck Inc.
SHOES: Pixel Mode
POSE: Glitterati


Jessy Matador – Decale Gwada
I’m getting all into the Coupe Decale mix

On est là pour faire le show
est-ce que vous voulez chauffer
On est pour metre l’ambience
est-ce que vous voulez danser


Of course I’m crazy behind in doing my color challenges and just recently (finally!) took a picture for the Color Challenge: Denim. I enlisted the help of my girls here because I was running out of ideas and too tired to really come up with a concept. Yea I kinda half assed it, but sometimes frustrations in SL does that to a girl! I’m gonna try to make it up with a more creative look for Jade or Mahogany. For a half ass effort, my big booty girls are I are lookin mad SL fly! It’s funny how my group of girls go for that “shorty with the thick thighs and booty” look, much like RL. Missing our 4th meatball.. Kai, but we let her off the hook so she can cupcake with her man!

31 of 52…CHECK!


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