52 Weeks of Color: Olive

12 May

Who Knew I Could Look So Militant!

SKIN: Belleza – Aiko (Tricky Boucher)
MAKEUP: Sorry Asia – Tribal 1 in Yellow (Lapik Perlman)
HAIR: Maitreya – Lauren in Kala Jeera (Onyx LeShelle)
TOP: CoCo – V Neck Tee in White (Cocoro Lemon)
CORSET: +Plus – Corset Belt in Olive (Helena Compton)
PANTS: Spirit Store – Matilda Pants in Green (Spirit Osmus)
TATTOO: Aitui – To Kill a Bird, To Kill My Soul (Jesseaitui Petion)
SCARF: Sey – Afghan Stole (Risey Arai)
RINGS: FabulouS – GirliciouS in Platinum (Dango Jewell)
SHOES: Maitreya – Shearling Boots in Tan (Onyx LeShelle)
POSES: Marukin (Valencia Southard)


M.I.A. – Far Far
It’s been 2 years since it’s release
but I still dig this song!
Gets me so hyped!

I go give, show you how low I go
Playa boy go ‘head and be that macho
Power up that blade on that chainsaw
Go cut me down and I’m still go’n grow


I did it!! I caught up!! Finally did my Color Challenge: Olive, who knew I could look so bad ass militant!? I already had these pants in mind when I thought of my Olive outfit, I slipped them on and built the rest of the outfit to compliment their awesome bad-assness. They rock don’t they? It’s straight Army chic, plus I dig Spirit’s style and her store has a ton of great stuff, go check it out! Next week’s color is Pink, you would think it would be easy, but honestly, I have so much pink in my inventory, it’s gonna be hard to narrow it down to just one thing!
I can’t believe what a beast I’ve been in blogging this week, it’s been a long time since I’ve had so much fun playing “Barbie” online, I have a few more outfits I have in mind and hope this creativity doesn’t fizzle out too soon!

27 of 52…CHECK!


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