52 Weeks Of Color: Asparagus

21 Apr

Of Course I’m Late.. What Else Is New!?

SKIN: Belleza – Melissa (Tricky Boucher)
HAIR: Posh – Wednesday in Copper Top (Jeanie Valois)
DRESS: Doppelganger – Messina Dress in Seafoam (Francesca Cazenove)
NAILS: Rezipsa Loc – V-Day Nails in Powder Pink (Rezipsa Luckstone)
SHOES: Sand Shack Surf Co. – Freedom Flops in White (Emma Gilmour)
POSES: Glitterati (Katey Coppola)


VNV Nation – Chrome
Heart this song sooooo HARDCORE!!!!

sense fear in your broken breathing
resort to shadows till your body expires
all creation has the promise of heaven
and still you travel the road to hell


Sooooo many days late on my Color Challenge: Asparagus, but I had an excuse..really I did! Last week was my New Years..and since I don’t celebrate Christmas, this is the biggest holiday for me, so I basically took a whole week off of responsibilities and just enjoyed myself!

This one was a whole lot harder than I initially thought, maybe because I was so late, and maybe my mind went mushy from all the relaxation but I drew a sudden blank and for about 4 days, couldn’t figure out what to wear! I finally settled on this oldie but goodie. Personally, cooking asparagus and eating it was a whole lot simpler then this post! Since I was in such a rush to get it done..seeing as I’m about a week late, no fancy photoshopping, just a quick shot in my skybox before I rushed offline for the night. This week is Eggplant and next week is Periwinkle. I’ll probably be late for eggplant and more than likely for periwinkle.  Although suddenly, I’m craving stir-fried Japanese eggplants for dinner. YUM!

P.S… this HAIR!! My Buddha… this hair.. can I say LOVE!?? LOVE LOVE LURVEEEEE!!!!!

23 of 52…CHECK!


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