What’s Your Digits? Body Stats Challenge

17 Apr

I’m A Shorty And I’m Dorky… WIN!!

SKIN: Belleza – Erika (Tricky Boucher)
HAIR: Elikatira – Mood in Brown 09 (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
LINGERIE: Fishy Strawberry – Provence in Yellow (Fae Eriksen)
NAILS: Rezipsa Loc – V-Day Nails in Red & Pink Hearts (Rezipsa Luckstone)
SHOES: Pixel Mode – Baby Ts in Pale Pink (Tya Fallingbridge)
POSES: Fri.Day (Jumah Monday) & Slash Me Poses (Claire Dallin)


Snoop Dogg ft. Pharell Williams – Beautiful
I’m just gonna put it out there.. Pharell Williams is sooo friggin gorgeous
That’s my ideal man right there. I love his swagger, the way he carries himself,
I dig all his tattoos and that skinny body he’s rocking

oh yeah, there’s something about you
Beautiful, I just want you to know
You’re my favorite girl
(oh yeah, there’s something about you)
See I just want you
To know that you are really special
Ohh why, oh why, oh why, oh why


The amazing Strawberry Singh put out a question a few days ago, asking about our slider numbers, proportions of our shapes and just generally wanted to see what trends people were following with their bodies and how different or similar everyone looks. I went through the pictures in the Digits Flickr group and was really surprised at the proportions everyone was using! There were a few with a “0” height and they looked so adorable!! A few with their leg lengths at “100” and they didn’t look like praying mantis..and some that did!

Second Life is so individual, whether you buy your shape or create your own based on preferences or your RL shape, I think it’s fascinating seeing everyone’s “ideal” look. Me personally, I made my shape in-game based on my on RL… it’s the shape I know the best and after years of self-consciousness (I still have a bit of it sometimes still!) I’ve pretty much accepted who and what I am. I’m a short Asian girl (5’5) and I’m curvy as hell. Most people have a stereotype of Asian girls being very thin, with barely any curves (unless they were bought!) and it’s true, there are MANY extremely thin Asian girls, but I am certainly not one of them! I have a huge ass (which I love, and I sure did learn how to make it clap!), thick thighs, I have breasts that’s proportionate to my body, I’m thick, I’m curvy, my skin is dark, I have massively curly hair, a wide nose, tiny slightly slanted eyes, huge lips and chubby cheeks! I based my SL face and most of my body on my RL self.. except I made my SL nose prettier and I wish my belly was as toned as my SL belly..but it’ll get there one day! I don’t feel tiny in SL when I’m in my skybox all by myself, but whenever I go shopping and I encounter glamazons or my Cuzzo Tokes pops by, I’m reminded of how teeny tiny my SL self is. Of course Tokes has a HUGE avi, so I suppose I can’t really take that measurement to heart! My avi used to be 5’11 in SL and recently I’ve shrunk her to 5’6 and the shrinking has made my curves so much more pronounced! I do have issues wearing prims as in (straight from the designer), I’ve had to modify about 80% of the things I buy with prims to fit my fat butt and hips, but that certainly hasn’t stopped me from shopping!

When I was younger, it was hard dating Asian men, the one’s I knew always suggested I lose a bit of weight.. 25-30lbs..and apparently I’d be perfect. Funny enough, the white, black and mexican boys I dated and knew always said I was great the way I am..because nothing is worse than a bony girl with nothing to hold on to. After years of fighting my body image.. I finally accepted and love every single inch of me. Sure there are moments when I wish my abs were rock hard, my arms were slimmer, my neck was longer, my hair more controllable, my thighs were thinner, or I was taller. In the end though, I remember that there are women out there who pay for the curves I have and why am I doubting myself?

I embrace myself..and all my imperfections.

Wow… talk about a rambling on my part!


8 Responses to “What’s Your Digits? Body Stats Challenge”

  1. Ashe Anthony April 17, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    First thing, I want to say that I love your shape and I always have. It’s so unique and beautiful.

    For my shape, I did the same too about reflecting my rl shape. I didn’t make my shape from nothing, but modified a shape heavily over time. I found this challenge to be very interesting. in full clothes, some of us look the same, but without them, it’s interesting to see the differences and similarities between all of the avs.

    As for the last part of your rambles (which I love reading by the way!), I can relate really. In RL, I’m black, dark skinned (which is the reason why I wear those so much in sl) and naturally thin. A lot of black guys would say that I’m too thin for them, but with White, Hispanic, etc, they think I’m just fine! I guess people need to get over not liking if someone does not fit the stereotype.

    Also, yay for breaking stereotypes!

    • Bubbles Komachi April 17, 2011 at 10:17 am #

      Awww Ashe!! You’re frigging amazing chickadee! It also comes down to personal perferences also with guys and it seems every races has them… I adore this challenge also, it really gives you a perspective on the size/height of a ton of bloggers, just seeing pics doesnt really give you an in-world perspective. I’ve seen a few bloggers in-world that were tiny little things.. or gigantic massive things when I’ve stood next to them. Lol

  2. Kairo Lange April 17, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    Praying mantis! Bwahahaa! I was thinking grasshoppers, but yours is so much better.

    I never realized how similar in shape we were, especially with the upside down torso/leg ratio from most avis. We’re just two meatballs in a sandwich.

    • Bubbles Komachi April 18, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

      We are!! Awwww we’re meatballls!!! ROFLNESS..but we’re not ditzy like THOSE other meatballs! I was talking to Nic once about praying mantis girls and..wait..let me just copy n paste the convo! It was soo funny!

      [16:01] Bubbles Komachi: whats with all the different alpha layers?
      [16:01] Nicole Bourne: i guess how much of your leg you need to dissappear.
      [16:01] Bubbles Komachi: oh duh! for like if you have fatty legs! Aww like me
      [16:03] Nicole Bourne: yeah me too i had to put the big one on, lol
      [16:03] Bubbles Komachi: hahah, we aint no praying mantis long skinny legged bishes
      [16:03] Nicole Bourne: ‘hells no, the juicey like chicken legs with hot sauce on em
      [16:10] Bubbles Komachi: lord have MERCY!
      [16:10] Bubbles Komachi: these boots are like.. lickable
      [16:10] Nicole Bourne: arent they though? i fucking love them!
      [16:11] Bubbles Komachi: and i am hella mad you said we’s some juicy chicken legged girls with hot sauce
      [16:11] Bubbles Komachi: can i get like a sweet spicy bbq sauce on mine?
      [16:12] Nicole Bourne: yesh!

      ROFL!!!! We’s some juicy chicken legged girls with hot sauce!!

  3. Strawberry Singh April 18, 2011 at 1:19 pm #

    I have to tell you, you got some sensational curves! Very very lovely av. ❤

    • Bubbles Komachi April 18, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

      Thank you Berry ❤ and thanks for coming up with the challenge also, it's been a revelation!

  4. Dr. House Ragu, esq., III April 18, 2011 at 2:03 pm #


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