Yea.. Yea. Yea.. Happy Effin V-Day

15 Feb

This Heart Is “Out Of Order” Today

SKIN: Belleza – Erika (Tricky Boucher)
MAKEUP: Belleza – Erika Lipstick #2 (Tricky Boucher)
HAIR: Elikatira – Me in Brown 08 (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
TOP: Holli Pocket – Out of Order in Pinky (Holli Thespian)
BRA: Boom – I Promise Lace Trim Bra in Cotton Candy and Sunshine (Aranel Ah)
JACKET: Emery – Jacket Roxe in Black
PANTS: Tart – Low Rise Ripped Jeans in Dark Denim (Nessinger Loveless)
BELT: Hermony – Lucky Death Belt in Black (Hermanni Laville)
NECKLACE: Fuel – Heart Felt Key (Sandy Cleghorn)
NAILS: Rezipsa Loc – Taste The Rainbow (Rezipsa Luckstone)
PIGGY: Pink Fuel – Piggy (Mochi Milena)
SHOES: Gos – Curvaceous Boots in Black (Gospel Voom)
POSES: xbordeaux (Xanadu Capelo)


Chris Daughtry – Life After You (Acoustic)
There’s no surprise that I pretty much hate Idol
and the only good to come out of it is honestly
Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry! I was sooo rooting
for him during his season and he’s made such an amazing
career since.

Last time we talked, the night that I walked
Burns like an iron in the back of my mind
I must of been high to say you and I
Weren’t meant to be and just wasting my time


I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, I’ve had a few great ones, but this year, it just comes to close to a few things that have happened RL, the act of getting into that mood is just a little too much work for me. This year, Valentine’s lands on a Monday, as if Mondays aren’t hard as it is, I have to put a smile on my face and listen to people tell me the right boy will come along?? Screw it, I took a personal day, ate chocolates, talked to some friends and initially was going to go out with a couple of GFs, but knowing I didn’t work today, tmr will be stacked with things that needs my attention, I decided I’m going to stay in.

I’m not sure what it is about this commercialized holiday that has girls demanding guys for things and guys scrambling hard out of their character to put on some nice clothes and buying over-priced chocolates and flowers for their girls. One of the best Valentine’s I’ve ever spent was a rainy day driving down the California coast, stopping at these great secluded beaches with my then boyfriend, cuddling and running around on the wet sandy beaches topped off by a picnic, which we couldn’t have outside because it started to storm. So we had it in his car and it was perfect. No flowers, no candies, no overly expensive restaurant that I’d have to dress up for, just the beach, some great food, champagne, him and I and our sandy feet.

Another Valentine’s, my date had a last minute business trip and honestly I thought he was blowing me off, we had only gone on a few dates prior and although I don’t view Valentine’s as anything special, he might’ve and gotten cold feet. The night of, I get a call from him telling me to pop on skype, 5 mins later my brother is banging on my door with a fat box of my favorite truffles and a bunch of Gerber daisies. I looked at him weird til the voice from my computer says “It’s from me, thanks Matt” (Matt is my brother), I ran back to the screen and was like.. HUH!?? He gave me the cutest smile and said he was sorry he couldn’t be there, but wanted to let me know he’s digging on me. He had brought his acoustic guitar with him and sang me a few tunes. We ended up being just friends a few months down the line, but that didn’t take away from the amazing night.

Today..this Valentine..I’m spending it alone by choice but if I could..if there was any way… there would be just one person that I’d want. But I can’t have him.

P.S… I meant to publish this yesterday, the actual Valentine’s day, but The Ro popped online and distracted me for a few hours so I didn’t get a chance to edit/upload/post this until today. The Ro failed!!!


4 Responses to “Yea.. Yea. Yea.. Happy Effin V-Day”

  1. Kilolo Jenkins February 15, 2011 at 3:04 pm #

    Luvs ya Bub!! I’d have bought you chocolates and tequila and land of goofy faces would have ensued like WOAH!

    • Bubbles Komachi February 15, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

      @ Kilolo… ROFL!!! I actually LIKE chocolates and tequila. Patron Silver used to be the “panty melter” or so we’ve always said in our group of friends! Shot for shot and talked about boys rofl.. like we were 21 again! *le sigh* I actually ended up with a last minute Valentine. A friend of mine, so I dont have much to complain about!

  2. Laila February 15, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

    Heya Bubbles, Hope you had a good V-Day. XoXo Watchin out for ya on the color challenge. I hate mondays..I call them Monday blues, sux V Day came on a monday huh? LOL. Take care love.

    • Bubbles Komachi February 15, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

      @ Laila… Haii mamas, Mondays are so bad for me, my body forgets what time to wake up and I’m laying in bed @ 7am crying “i don’t wanna wake up!” hahaha, I’m dorky, but my V-Day was good, what about you!?? I’ve been so late with my color challenges, one of these days, I’m going to do them on the first day they’re due, I think that would surprise even me!

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