You’re Turning Me On..

14 Jan

..But You Already Knew That

The Ro:
SKIN: The Abyss (Mars Absent)
TATTOO: Aitui – Trip Out (Jesseaitui Petion)
UNDERWEAR: Zaara – Deven Boxers in White (Zaara Kohime)
POSE: Glitterati (Katey Coppola)

The Bubs:
SKIN: Illusory – Paige (Crushed Clarity)
CLEAVAGE: Illusory – Type B (Crushed Clarity)
HAIR: Exile – NIkki in Chocolate (Kavar Cleanslate)
LINGERIE: Fishy Strawberry – Soignee Lingerie in White (Fae Eriksen)
TATTOO: Love Zombie – Swak (Pistol Mixmaster)
NECKLACE: Paper Couture – Fishnet Wrapped Pearls in Cream (Cora Lu)
SHOES: Lelutka – Saffron Pumps in Neutral Sand (Minnu Palen)
POSES: Hate Me and Eat Me (Lisbeth Gummibaum), Croire (Emily Kaestner) & xbordeaux (Xanadu Capelo)


Folk Implosion – Natural One
Still incredibly sexy…16 years later!

yeah, we can take it
good and loose on an endless spree
good because we made it
and when momma’s not around
there’s no telling what we’ll do when we’re free


I can’t believe I went a whole week without blogging AND I didn’t do the latest Color Challenge. GAH! I dropped the ball so hard this week. I’ve been helping my brother move and this weekend we’re having an old school house party (woooot) for his going away, after that.. next week will be quiet. I’ll finally have time to come on SL for more than a few mins to check msgs! I was on earlier in the week and caught The Ro…and made him be my boy model! Yayy! He stood there patiently as I made him strip, pose and stop talking or blinking (he didn’t listen to the last two) then when I was done, I just left him half-naked in my skybox as I logged off to run to an appt. RL. I’m such an amazing friend.. I know! Got the chance to edit the pics tonight and I really dig how they came out!! I’ll post the variations on my Flickr.
I guess I’ll do my Sienna look next week along with the new color.. eeesh, I promised myself I wouldn’t be late.. GAH!


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