Pardon Me…

29 Dec

While I Stand Here Feelin’ Mad Sexy!

SKIN: Beauty Killer – Raquel (KEVINN Draconia)
MAKEUP: Kyoot Makeup – Feline Cold Coast (Saeya Nyanda)
HAIR: Exile – Artemis in Chocolate (Kavar Cleanslate)
DRESS: Ce Cubic Effect – Sheer Knit in Black (mirai Jun)
TATTOO: Aitui – To Kill a Bird, To Kill My Soul (Jesseaitui Petion)
JEWELRY: Acid & Mala – Messed Memory Wire Set in Silver & Black (Mala Oh)
SHOES: Reek – Autumn Boots in Black (Riq Graves)
POSES: Marukin (Valencia Southard) & Glitterati (Katey Coppola)


Faith Evans ft. Carl Thomas – Can’t Believe
We heard this song in the car the other day and my sibs and I
were scrambling trying to figure out the song title. We knew it was
Faith Evans and finally my Shazam told us the title.
I’ve been playing it ever since, this so used to be the JAM
back in the days. Has so many years really gone by!?

You gave me reasons to believe that we were always meant to be
but now I see
You were wrong
You can’t keep running back to me with all those baby baby pleases
no more
no more


First off.. how SEXIN’ is this dress?? Ce Cubic Effect FTW! I bought it when it was first released a few months ago but only now had the chance to wear it. I go through phases in clothes it seems, a few months ago, I was obsessed with jeans… the last few weeks I was obsessed with the wintery look and now I’m super into the short skirts and dresses. I wonder what’s next.. hmm.

Everyone knows I don’t do skin reviews.. and I still DON’T do skin reviews! If I get passed some skins, I wear the makeups I like in my posts, but I don’t ever breakdown the ins and outs of why I like a skin (aside from gushing about the makeup and face). So when KEVINN Draconia of Beauty Killer dropped me his Raquel skins with this little note..

They are still my first skins so if you think that they look a bit noobie or don’t like the make up then you don’t have to use them of course lol.
Greetz, KEVINN Draconia (Beauty Killer Owner)

I thought… Awwww! First off, the fact that he didn’t put pressure on me to use these skins was a plus, and knowing that these are his firsts I wasn’t expecting too much. I always support new designers, we all need our start somewhere right!?? My first blog posts ever was so gross looking, I can’t even bring myself to look at that post (lol). Back to the skins, the makeup reminds me of a cross between Scene Queens, Rockabilly and Ganguro. The skin tone is a bit lighter than I would normally wear, but it’s a gorgeous light tone! The body isn’t too overdone with subtle shading over the breasts, abs, back and knees. It’s really beautiful body work (especially the tops of the breasts, sooo sexy omg!)! I can’t wait to see if he’ll come out with darker tones.

The skin comes in 8 make ups and I really like the Nude and Soft Candy. I dig the white eye makeup for Soft Candy and the Nude is such an incredible pallet for other makeups. The other’s are a little overdone for me, but I usually go much more natural in general. They also come in a “no brows” option, he has these awesome colored brow tattoos in different colors (apple, gray, gold, toxic.. just to name a few colors), I personally like the dark brows that comes with the skin as is, I think they’re perfectly shaped!

First Row: Candy, Femme Fatal, Glamour
Second Row: Midnight, Nude, Olives
Third Row: Pin Up, Soft Candy, Violet

If I could change 2 things about them, I’d ask for the Cupid’s Bow (points on the upper lip) to be softened a little, for my tastes, it’s just a little too harsh and for more natural makeups! Otherwise, they’re a great first skins and I’m excited to see what else will be released.

I added eye makeup from Kyoot to the Nude skin and I think they look fantastic together!


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