52 Weeks of Color: Yellow

17 Dec

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

SKIN: Laq – Elena (Mallory Cowen)
HAIR: Sixty-Nine – Jessica 01 in Dark Mocha (Kumii Yoshikawa)
DRESS: Artilleri – Auntie Elsie in Yellow (Antonia Marat)
CARDIGAN: So Many Styles – Open Cardigan in Yellow (Irie Campese)
NECKLACE: Skream! – Eternal Pearl Necklace (Jacqueline Cliassi)
TATTOO: LaGyo – Daffodil Tattoo Stockings for DU4 (Gyorgyna Larnia)
SHOES: Maitreya -ChiChi Pumps in White (Onyx LeShelle)
POSES: Marukin (Valencia Southard), Glitterati (Katey Coppola) & !Femme (Iris Miliandrovic)


Hi-Five – I Just Can’t Wait Another Minute
1991! Classssic!! I just found out the lead singer Tony Thompson
died in 2007 @ 31.. how sad! He’s such an amazing vocalist
This is before that auto-tune crap! When you made it because
you’re amazing, not because someone engineered your voice to be

Sweet lady
Don’t you look away
I don’t mean to make you shy
But we haven’t got much time
Tonight I know just what to say, yeah


It’s Friday.. of course I’m running at the deadline point.. again! But I got my Color Challenge: Yellow done yayy! Luckily because I have so much to do tonight, including my baby brother’s SWAGGER 16 birthday! Swagger because he says Sweet is too girly and he’s much to “gangster” for that. He’s also planning on when he can drive my car.. pffft!

I went with a muted yellow, I noticed almost everyone went with a bright sunshine yellow. I can’t help but love this color, it’s just so friggin happy! I look a bit like a Stepford Wife, but I like it! Next week’s color is Cerise. I looked it up and it’s described as a “Vibrant Pink with Red undertones”.. hmmm, this should be interesting!

6 of 52… CHECK!


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