Sometimes..This Is Just It…

15 Dec

And There Isn’t More.. No Matter How Hard We Look

SKIN: Glam Affair – Eva (aida Ewing)
HAIR: Lamb – Glass Candy in Powder (Lamb Bellic)
SHAVED BASE: 99 Elephants – Shaved Tattoo Starside in Blonde (Emelie Carter)
TOP: Fishy Strawberry – Early Morning Cardigan in Amparo Blue (Fae Eriksen)
JACKET: Apple May Designs – Crosswalking *Part of Outfit (Apple May)
JEANS: Urbanista – LowRise Real Jeans in Black Faded (Alissa Phaeton)
BELT: Sey – Deka Logo Belt in Rock (risey Arai)
EARS: Aitui – Stretched Ears in Small Fantasy Piggy (Jesseaitui Petion)
SCARF: Maitreya – Voluminous Scarf in Dark Cobalt (Onyx LeShelle)
SHOES: Bax Coen Designs – Prestige Boots in Black Leather (Bax Coen)
POSES: Long Awkward Pose (Dove Swanson)


Total Ft. Notorious B.I.G – Can’t You See
Still continuing with my 90s R&B music obsession..
Whatever happened to Total!??

So I can’t wait for the day,
That we can be together,
I can’t let you walk away.
Oh, can’t you see, you and me,
Were meant to be, oh baby,
And there’s nothing left to say.


Today.. is like every other day. You’d think I’d have more to say since I used to ramble on and on. Honestly, I’m becoming more selective of what I say these days and the realm I say it in. Maybe I’m blogger shy or maybe, just for now, I need to have that private life.. hidden from everyone.


2 Responses to “Sometimes..This Is Just It…”

  1. Kilolo Jenkins December 16, 2010 at 3:17 am #

    Dunno what’s going on Bub. But I can totally understand that need. You’ll either get supporters or those simply determined to dull your shine, bring you down and/or wreak havoc where there is no need. Do you, sweety. Because no one can do you better and you’re pretty freakin’ epic! *hugs*

    • Bubbles Komachi December 16, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

      Aww Kilolo! Imma LUFFs all over your bum Missy!! *snuggles* Nothing is really going on, I’m actually happy, but I wanted to be a little more private. I forget how many people can access this and just read and for a moment there, I felt kinda exposed.

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