I Never Needed Your Words…

14 Dec

I Just Needed You

SKIN: Belleza – Erika (Tricky Boucher)
HAIR: Fri.Day – Yelena in Timid Brown (Parvarti Monday)
DRESS: Skream! – Loompy Noir Jurk (Jacqueline Cliassi)
JACKET: Aoharu – Simple Jacket in White (machang Pichot)
TATTOOS: Iruru – Desire (Irka Bing)
SCARF: Sweet Leonard/Needful Things – Snowy Scarf in Grey (Lady Leonard)
SOCKS: League – Gartered Socks in Ecru (Nena Janus)
SHOES: Sweet Leonard/Needful Things – Snowy Boots in Black (Lady Leonard)
POSES: Olive Juice (IsabellaGrace Baroque), Don’t Freak Out (Willa Whybrow) & Dismorph (Plastic Swords)


Brandy Ft. Mc Lyte, YoYo & Queen Latifah – I Wanna Be Down
1994!!! 14 years old and I thought I was so down!
I dedicated this song to a boy once at a dance.
He already had a GF.. LOL!

I wanna be put on in tha worst way since
the first day I think it was a Thursday (oh baby)
you be that brother that I wanna sink my teeth in
make me wanna ask where tha hell you been


I just woke up from a dream that really upsets me. I hope it never comes true, I can’t shake it and it’s been almost 45 mins since it woke me up. Maybe I’ll forget it in a few hours, I never remember my dreams, I don’t want to start with this one.

On to SL matters. Jacq just released the cutest lil black dress and ever since I saw these boots on the Flickr that Lady posted, I’ve been wanting them! I finally got a chance to pop in and grab the fat pack because both RL and SL, I’m all about the snowy winter boots these days! Just adorable!!


2 Responses to “I Never Needed Your Words…”

  1. Jacqueline Cliassi December 15, 2010 at 7:16 am #

    You’re so good at mix ‘n matching 😀 !!!

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