52 Weeks of Color: Sepia

10 Dec

Oooh.. Me LIKEY!

SKIN: Belleza – Erika (Tricky Boucher)
HAIR: Exile – Nyx in Brown Sugar (Kavar Cleanslate)
TOP: Aoharu – Turtle Neck Knit in Nude (Machang Pichot)
SKIRT: Zaara – Larin Skirt in Copper Rust (Zaara Kohime)
NECKLACE: Zaara – Karmuka Necklace in Wood (Zaara Kohime)
SHOES: Maitreya – Hana (Onyx LeShelle)
POSES: Glitterati (Katey Coppola)


Mint Condition – Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)
Jr high and my first dance… 7th grade…
I think I just revealed my age. Lol

Don’t tell your friends
That I don’t mean nothing to ya
Please don’t deny the truth
Tell me right now
I know your heart is in the right place
You know I won’t let you down yeah


This week’s Color Challenge: Sepia didn’t throw me for a loop as I initially thought it would. To me.. Sepia isn’t really one particular color, but multiple tones and blends of coppers, browns, whites and nudes. So I went with that, best part is.. I had everything already in my inventory ready to mix and match. I remember in Jr. High and High School when we took group studio pics to give to friends.. Sepia tone was always one of the more popular choice.. and it was basically that.. an antiqueing and tone change to the pic. I think I did ok.. I hope I did Luna proud! Next week is my fave color.. YELLOW! I’m excited!

I just got in and I’ve been feeling so tired lately.. it seems I’m not getting enough sleep.. I keep over-sleeping and running late and feeling overly tired during the day. I’m getting over a cold still, I think it’s taken more out of me then I initially thought.

5 of 52… CHECK!


3 Responses to “52 Weeks of Color: Sepia”

  1. Kilolo Jenkins December 10, 2010 at 3:03 am #

    Girl you are NOT old. I was in 9th grade 😛 My first boyfriend (that my mom knew about anyway :P) put it on a … MIXTAPE (like…the cassette kind)! *dies*

    • Bubbles Komachi December 10, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

      I so HEART you right now Kilolo!! MIXTAPE!!!!! I remember getting/giving those, man.. I love the old school mid 90s R&B, they just don’t sing it like that anymore. That’s it..my next couple of posts.. all R&B goodness from the 90s! It’s time to represent!


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