52 Weeks of Color: Blue

19 Nov

Barely Made It Before Deadline… AGAIN!

SKIN: Lara Hurley Skins – Leah
HAIR: Fri.Day – Mandy in Moody Brown
JACKET: Maireya – Short Trench Jacket in Blue
PANTS: R.icielli – Eliza Highwasited Pants in Jeans Pattern
EARRINGS: Glow Studio – Folk Blue Moon Earrings
SHOES: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s in Teal
POSES: Don’t Freak Out!


Sean Paul – Watch Dem Roll
Damn.. the man is just BEYOND FLY!
Swagger like whaaaa!!

Report to the dance floor!
Tick-tack, tick-tack just bounce it, bounce it!
Gal don’t stop just bounce it, bounce it!
Break that back just bounce it, bounce it!
Break out, get hardcore!


As always.. it’s Friday night and I finally banged out my Blue look for Luna’s challenge. I totally wanted this super girly dressy look, but the dresses I had, I just wasn’t feeling them. I do, however, really like this sophisticated pant suit look. Seriously feeling like a CEO of a Fortune 500! Three hours shy of the Blue challenge being over, I really need to plan these out better! I should make it a goal to post by Weds.. which means well.. I’m lucky if it’s up by Thursday morning. God I’m such a procrastinater! Next week’s color.. GOLDENROD!

2 of 52… CHECK!


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