‘Cus She’s A Ho…. Fo’ Sho!

18 Nov

Le Rawwwwwr!

SKIN: MonS – Ales
HAIR: Sixty-Nine – Jessica 02 in Dark Mocha
BIKINI: C.Smit – Paulina Bikini in Cream
JACKET: Emery – Jacket Roxe in Black
JEWERLY: FabulouS – Platinum Collection (Rings and Necklace)
HEADPHONES: Canimal – Blingphones in Gold
SHADES: Onyx Wear – Shades in Cuda Lights
TATTOOS: Aitui – With Force We Go
SHOES: Kookie – Wedges in Nude
POSES: Porcupine Love, Don’t Freak Out & iFemme


Akon Ft. Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Fuck You
So I hardly ever listen to the dirty version of songs
most I find kinda distasteful
but.. I’m feeling this song..mostly because..
well.. HE knows! 😉

So you lookin’ at me now what’s it gonna be
just another tease far as I can see
Trying to get you up out this club
if it means spending a couple dubs
Throwing ’bout 30 stacks in the back
make it rain like that cuz I’m far from a scrub


Who knows what movie my title came from!? Extra brownie points and love if you know it without googling! One of the best movies ever! Don’t ask why I decided to dress like a Video Girl today.. I just felt like it Lol! It’s actually not as bad, though, much less than what I normally wear.. but hey.. why not! SL let’s you indulge in all the things you normally wouldn’t or couldn’t in RL. Plus I got someone making me feel so damn sexy I can’t help but wanna be a lil dirty for him.


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