Music Makes Me Lose Control

16 Nov

Yah… I’m A Music Whore

SKIN: MonS – SBS Special
HAIR: Lamb – Heart in Poweder
TOP: Hucci – Lela in Wild Pink
JEANS: Urbanista – Real Ripped Jeans in Blue
NECKLACE: So Many Styles – Treble Clef Necklace in Silver
BRACELET: Mandala – Takara Bangle in White Stone
TATTOO: Iruru – Power
HEADPHONES: Canimal – Blingphones in Pink
BELT: Hermony – Lucky Death in Black
SHOES: Bax – Prestige Boots in Black Leather
POSES: Iris M for This Is a Fawn & Olive Juice


Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go
I still love this song..
and all the memories that comes along with it.

Got somebody she is a beauty
Very special; really and truly
Take good care of me like it’s her duty
Want you right by my side night and day


You know when people say.. “omg I listen to everything” Then you start questioning them..and you find out..”everything” is either only rap..or only rock.. only whatever? I literally listen to EVERYTHING. From Goth Rock to Black Metal To Hip Hop to Rap to 60s Surfer Music to Cambodian Pop to Korean R&B and yes.. even Country plus I love.. love.. LOVE Reggae/Dancehall! It was hard for me to pick a song for this post because I feel like it HAS to represent the music I’m into. Then I realize.. nothing can really represent the multitude of music I’m really into so instead.. I picked a song that has a lot of meaning and memory for me.

I should talk about fashion right? See those jeans? I LOVE those jeans! I’m a total SL denim snob so when I love a pair.. I gush all over the place about them! It’s from a store I had never been to before; Urbanista (by Alissa Phaeton). I forgot how I heard the name.. but I popped over with my girl Fai and we totally squealed for the clothes! Fai literally said the store was def. going to be on her check back list! I dig the clothes because of its Urban feel, but it wasn’t ghetto. Urban interpretations in SL has a tendency to go ghetto at times and as someone who grew up in the “hood” (Oakland like whaa!!) I appreciate the fact that the designer kept it real, kept it classy and fashionable with an edge. Yayy for new store discoveries! Go buy those jeans!


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