Adventures of the SL Single Girl: The End

11 Sep

THE TIME: Thursday Night
THE SPOT: My Skybox
THE SCENE: Me trying to do a blog pic and him wanting to cuddle
THE MOOD: Happy and Giggly

When I started my Single Girl adventures months ago (after a RL breakup), it was all suppose to be fun and games. The mistake I made was starting them so soon after my breakup, after a few days, I couldn’t make myself talk to boys. I just wanted one boy. It’s been a few months now, and the hurt has subsided, though I still miss him sometimes. I recently came back to SL and I thought about re-starting the Single Girl adventures, but I was missing the drive and motivation. I was just happy with how things were going in both worlds, and I figure.. WHY rock the boat?

I suppose when you go looking for something.. you never find it, but hang out in your skybox one early morning and the most unexpected thing happens. Dev and I have both been on hiatus from SL for a long time. My first week back and his second day back, we got to talking, caught up on lives both in and out of world. Next thing you know.. we’re talking almost every day. I mentioned that I don’t plan on dating in-world for a long time, if ever again and he had the same ideas. It just wasn’t for us, but the company we shared was more than enough to keep us happy.

A few days ago, my Cuzzo Tokes made a joking comment telling Dev to make it official and make me an honest woman. We both laughed it off til later that night when we were saying goodnight.

Dev: I want to make it official
Bubs: but.. but we don’t date in-game!
Dev: I know, but I want to with you.

The funny thing is..I’ve hung out with boys before in-game. Nothing official, nothing monogamous, just plain hanging out. A few have asked for the “boyfriend” title but I’ve never given it to anyone but my rl/sl partner 3 years ago. I never felt the need for titles within this realm, I’m not sure why; I just didn’t.

When Dev asked… I said yes. YES!! I said yes!! It freaked me out for a moment, I don’t say yes easily, nor to just anyone, it kinda struck me then just how special he really was. Will this last? How long will it last? Is this going RL? I don’t know, but I don’t care either. For now, I’m happy in the fact that he makes me giggle and smile, he’s got me addicted to an awesome new game (Logos baby!!!), and he makes me want to log back into Second Life. I guess the Single Girl did what she set out to do! Funny how things work huh?

Bubs: hmm, I’d better update the single girl stuff on my blog.
Dev: You should, you’re off the market now baby!
Bubs: rofl.. omg.. I have a boyfriend!

UPDATE: So cute, while I was doing this post, he’s playing in an RL poker tournament and he’s sending me progress updates and pics to my Crackberry. I hope he wins big, I want some shooz! Maitreya fat packs baby! Roflness!


S.E.S – Love
This song came out in 1999
and I still love it today!

the girl that I used to be
you’ll be changing my heart
baby I like that
ggoom gat eun shi gan byun ham
up neun sarang man eul nae geh jool ggae
ouri yak sok eul eit ji mal go gi uk ha jwuh yo
I’ll always be there my baby
un jae gga ji na


4 Responses to “Adventures of the SL Single Girl: The End”

  1. Ashe Anthony September 11, 2010 at 6:00 pm #

    Sounds like he was the better one of the all of the previous guys.
    Have fun and I wish for the best 🙂

  2. Nissa Nightfire September 13, 2010 at 8:57 am #

    awww — you’re too cute! the best things happen when you aren’t even looking 🙂 Enjoy~

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