Just One of Those Amazing Days

2 Sep

Rockberry’s Kalista Skin
(yea.. I know.. again!)


Blown Away and Incredibly Happy

SKIN: Rockberry – Kalista
HAIR: Argrace – Beanie in Black; Truth – Annette Bubblegum
TOP: Paper Doll – RuffleTank in Pond
JEANS: Tart – Low Rise Jeans in Gray
UNDIES: Paper Doll – Barely There Thong in Leopard (Zombie Popcorn hunt)
NIPPLE TAPE: Luck Inc. – X Pasties
BELT: Naith Smit Design – Rock’n’Rolla Revolver Belt in White
TATTOO: Plastik – Burdies And Feathers
EARS: Panda Express – Sad Elf Ears Thorned
NECKLACE: Skream! – Sylvanas Bead & Chain Necklace
BRACELET: Skream! – “Better Than You” Bracelet
SHOES: So Real – Superstars in White/Turquoise Suede
POSES: Dismorph; Iris M. for This is a Fawn.


Beenie Man – Dude
I’m hardcore into reggae and dancehall
this song won’t leave my head and makes
me wanna get on the dance floor and
wine gal!

I want a dude with the wickedest slam,
I need a one, two, three hour man
I want a dude who will tie me to the bed,
a thug that can handle his biz like a man


So I’m a day late.. but Weds was just one of those amazing days.. RL and SL included. I got to spend some time with some incredible people at the grand opening of the new urban spoken word poetry lounge “Rhythms”. There were a few poets lined up (House, Kamille, Anthuny and myself), but what came after was amazing, close to 40 people packed the sim and as everyone got more comfy, other poets, freestylers and singers came out the wood works and joined us on the open mic.

My friend Dev had never been to an event like that in SL before. He was super inspired and is diving back into his love of music, I got to hear some amazing words and ideas have been flowing in my head all day long. That long stint of writer’s block is finally leaving me (I hope!). One person I have to give props to is Anthuny Lionheart, the first time I heard him, I was literally holding my breath til he finished, yes, he’s THAT amazing. His words are passionate and mad positive and real. The whole collective of creative souls at “Rhythms” was so supportive and I hope more people discover this amazing place and participate. You can hit up Rain Mikado (Owner/Manager) for more info on groups and events!

So everyone should know by now.. since I’ve come back inworld, I’ve had on Rockberry’s Kalista skin. I can’t GUSH enough about it! I’m so completely heads over heels in love with the beautifully and subtle shading of the abs and breasts.. the sweet highlights on the thighs..the amazing..AMAZING makeup and face. I picked up the fatpack of the Natural tone but it comes in 4 tones all together (Light, Natural, Tan & Dark), with so many makeup options it’s perfect for every day, every night and every date! I’m also obsessed with the Dark tone, I’m flat broke at the moment but as soon as I get some Ls..I’m going for the dark fat pack also!

I personally love soft nude and pouty dewy rose lips and Heather doesn’t disappoint! I love the soft lips and the vibrant eye makeup. It reminds me of how I do my makeup RL. I always play up my eyes since they’re smaller (I’m Asian.. I have the stereotypical eyes!) and just clear gloss up my lips since I have thick lips (my fave feature of myself!). I know in SL it’s fun to try all these incredible skins and makeups that you don’t have the guts to try in RL.. but for some reason.. I prefer the softer sweeter look like I do in RL. I guess we never really get away from who we are right? I’ll be rocking this skin for a long time.

Part of me was nervous in restarting my blog since I’ve come back. I’ve been reading so many amazing blogs and seen so many incredible pictures that I’m getting a bit scared that my PS skills aren’t going to be enough! I’ve just started learning CS5 and hopefully can produce some quality flicks for my readers! There will still be ample amounts of ramblings and a close friend just asked me to join him in some RL/SL projects and I’m excited!

Ooooh and herrrrooo Dev! Roflness.


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