Adventures of the SL Single Girl: Chapter 3

24 May

THE TIME: Friday Night
THE SPOT: My Skybox
THE SCENE: Just me.. deep in IMs
THE MOOD: Slightly Smitten & Confused
THE OUTFIT: I’m In Love With This Jacket!

WOW… that’s all I can say about Guy #2. Just… WOW. Let me give you a background. Thursday night I was popping in and out of clubs, profile peeping some people before I finally ended up at the Galaxy and met Guy #1. I checked out Guy #2’s profile and had this huge laugh so I sent him a message, unfortunately by the time I sent it, he had already logged. So I’m thinking, oh well, maybe he’ll answer me… maybe he won’t. I continued on the rest of my night.

(inner dialogue)

Bubs: once I heard a Celine Dion song, but didn’t realize it was her, I started to sing along. My sister kindly pointed out who it was and I felt slightly sick..because well, I enjoyed it. It’s the same feeling you get when you rock out to Tom Jones
Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

Damn it, he logged, wonder if I’ll get a response.. Or just be that weird chick who IM’d out of the blue. Hmm.

Guy #2: (Saved Fri May 21 09:23:05 2010) “…..It’s the same feeling you get when you rock out to Tom Jones” Is that even possible? I mean… I guess it is to a point… He’s one of those guys you never admit to singing along with in the car when you’re alone- but then you feel shame afterward and have a need to shower obsessively
Bubs: I don’t shower after singing along to Tom Jones, I let the shame and embarrassment stay on my skin because I know he’s kinda like a potato chip, you can’t have just one… you can’t rock out to just one Tom Jones song. I figure I can shower off when I get him out of my system
Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

Whoa! He answered, ROFL! Way too cute, I need to write back! I wonder if he’s online… Hmmm.. No such luck.

Guy #2: (Saved Fri May 21 19:23:05 2010) That’s so……………………………………………………….. Dirty… And indulgent- Like a weekend bender gone wrong but feeling Oh… so…. right…

I just giggled, I giggled and bit my lip at his offline. This guy is pretty cool so far, I wonder how he is with actual live chat, I suppose another offline wouldn’t hurt

Bubs: weekend bender? only if you promise to hold my hair back if I throw up, vomit in the hair is so tres-80s-coke-whore, and I’m a modern girl thank you
Guy #2: and giant hot pink hoop ear rings for effect

OMG!! He’s online! Quick, think of something witty to say! Think Bubs… THINK!

Bubs: yes please and the icy pink lipstick and blue eyeliner, because if nothing else, you must line the eyes
Guy #2: a lot, yes- Deep blue
Bubs: i once told a friend as she was slumped over on the side of the club we had just gotten kicked out of because she was drunk… that no matter what else goes wrong, as long as your eye makeup is perfect, everything will be ok
Guy #2: Just ask Tammy Fey- Who knew better than her?

Did he really just reference Tammy Fey?

Bubs: I was going to send you a video earlier, but completely forgot to, my favorite Tom Jones song ever
Guy #2: favorite Tom Jones…. 3 words that should never be in a sentence together-
Bubs: yes, but I said them, would you like me to repeat, perhaps say them in a sexier voice. I don’t think it’ll make it any better for you, but the song was “sex bomb” and it’s so weird I like it, but I do! so much!
Guy #2: I like the name… that counts, right?

DOH!!! Remember why you decided not to send him the video?? Because you didn’t want him to know what a dork you really are! Tom Jones!?? Why are you still talking about the guy?? New subject Bubs… NEW SUBJECT!!! Stop looking up the song to send to him, maintain your semi-cool status! Helllooooo!!

Bubs: You know what it is.. its catchy, its along the lines of Rico Suave, Macarena and I’m Too Sexy. You hate them, but when they come on, you shake your ass shamelessly AND you know all the words.
Guy #2: I think my problem with Tom Jones is he reminds me of the greasy old guy that wears too much gold, calls women ‘broads’ calls guys he doesn’t know ‘pal’, wears too much Old Spice and generally creeps people out at dinner parties
Bubs: I think I got hit on by that guy at the grocery store last week

Stop smiling Bubs, you’re seriously looking like an idiot right now with that wide grin at the computer! Wow, this guy is seriously witty, there hasn’t been a missing beat to the convo and let’s face it, he’s definitely gotten your attention.

Guy #2: I’m a dj……. sometimes… I’m getting that ‘need a shower’ feeling right now…. cuz I’m downloading that song….
Bubs: lol!!!
Bubs: will you at least think of me when you play it?
Guy #2: Oh, of course
Bubs: score!

Seriously score! *pats self on back*

Another hour of constant conversation, he ended up TPing me to where he was. I nearly slammed my face into my desk when everyone rezzed. Six degrees of separation in SL has come back to bite me in the ass, or more like stomped on my new white shoes and got dog cum on my dress. It turns out, he’s friends with someone from my past, someone who for a long time I absolutely hated, and she hates me too. This girl started a lot of drama for me, but I’m not innocent in the case either, I responded back, and things just got nasty between us. Although it’s been a few years now, my hate certainly has disappeared and all that’s left is a feeling of indifference and cautiousness. She barely spoke to me, and I just said “hi” and kept quiet until she left.

Now I’m wondering what to do. I’m actually digging on Guy #2, but do I pursue this friendship, knowing that I’m putting myself in the position of possible drama? Or do I say screw it and move on? Or maybe I’m making this a bigger deal then it really is, we’ve only had one conversation, who says there will be a second? Maybe he doesn’t even like me or even have those thoughts.  My best friends, Nic and Fai (who also know the girl and witnessed the drama) both told me to run away as fast as I can.  My cuzzo Tokes (<3) told me not to bother with potential drama and there’s plenty of fishes in the sea.. but there’s something.. there’s something I can’t quite place my finger on.

Did I also mention after the girl left, I sat and talked with him and his friends in voice til pretty late (we were in IMs as well) his voice is just… WOW. The later it got, the goofier we got and our conversations were mostly just jokes and giggles and my face was literally hurting from how big my smile was. We started our conversation at around 8pm… we didn’t log off til a little after 1am.  Now a whole weekend later and I’m still not sure what to do.

Witty Banter/Personality – Hell YEA… CHECK!!
Cute Avi/Stylish – CHECK!
Sweet – Incredibly… CHECK!
Funny/Sarcastic/Nerdy – Amazingly so… CHECK!
Uber Sexy – CHECK!
Accent/Nice Voice – Sooooo smooth and yummie.. CHECK!
Guy In Real Life – Oooooh YEA… CHECK!

*Face Palms* I think I have a crush!

I Never Expected The Unexpected

SKIN: Belleza – Elle
HAIR: Truth – Farrah in Chocolate
TOP: CoCo – V Neck Tee in White
JACKET: Aoharu – Tweed Short Jacket in Baby Pink
SKIRT: Luck Inc. – Mini High-Waisted Skirt in Alligator Black
LEGGINGS: Fishy Strawberry – Swan Lake Leggings
NECKLACE: Zaara – Adira Necklace Claw Gold
BRACELET: Zaara – Ramya Wood Bangles
SHOES: Kookie – Athena in Black
POSES: Don’t Freak Out & @Waffles

Theory of a Deadman – Santa Monica
love this band <33

I think someone’s trying to show us a sign
That even if we thought it would last
The moment would pass
My bones will break and my heart would give


7 Responses to “Adventures of the SL Single Girl: Chapter 3”

  1. Sylvia Olivier May 24, 2010 at 4:22 am #

    i’d say go for it if he makes you smile that hard maybe its worth it. be his friend and see where it goes, screw what the other bitch thinks but i’d maybe give him the heads up about her like off to the side, you know?

  2. Dr. House Ragu, esq., III May 24, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    Honestly…. Tom Jones isn’t so bad. I sing sex bomb to the Boose every now and then. She’ll swipe at my face but I don’t care, it’s love.

    I like #2 most of all. I’m going to get along with him. He’s higher than a 3/10.


  3. Isabela Loring May 24, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    I say go for it. He sounds very witty and everyone needs someone to make them smile! Great post.

  4. Ashe Anthony May 24, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    I agree with Sylvia, why not go for it?

    Loving the Adventures so far by the way.

  5. Jeff Lowbeam May 24, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    Oh, Bubbles
    If I had a virtual couch, I’d offer you my counseling.

  6. Bubbles Komachi May 24, 2010 at 1:08 pm #

    @ Jeff.. ROFL.. think I need it?

    @ Ashe, Isabela & Sylvia.. thanks ladies! I haven’t spoken to him again and who knows, maybe i’m just making it a bigger deal then it is and maybe one conversation is all we’d ever have.

    @ House… I’m surprised! I thought everyone was a 3 in your eyes Monkey!

  7. SweetDeb Kips May 24, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    This is a great read Bubbles… I say go for it too he seems so witty and charming… good luck… looking forward to reading more!

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