Adventures of the SL Single Girl: Chapter 1

20 May

My schedule for the last few months have literally been hell, I’m so exhausted by the end of the day, I barely have the mind-set to log into SL. When I do, I find myself holed up in my skybox and talking to the few friends I’ve established over the years or doing a quick photo for the blog.

My time has become more available after a break up with the RL boy, and after too many complaining conversations with my cuzzo Tokes, he suggested I find some male distractions on SL. A boy to flirt with here and there when I log in and someone to remind me that it’s not the end of the world because I’m now single again. I agreed, then I realized; after months of being (more or less) away from the game, I have no idea where to find a boy! You’d think in a social forum like SL, where meeting and talking to people is one of the key aspect; this would be an easy task, but no! I don’t club, I don’t attend many parties anymore and I haven’t met anyone new in a long time.

During a conversation with the amazing Josue (yes, you ARE amazing!), I started to develop this idea of sorts, the Adventures of an SL Single Girl. Everything just clicked in my brain, develop a list of criterias I’d want to find in the perfect SL distraction, place myself in sims and situations I normally wouldn’t and meet some boys! It’s going to force me to rediscovery SL and be over-all social like I once was. Of course Josue wants to be the BS meter for all these new guys I’m going to meet.

My goal is maybe 4-5 guys, that’s probably conservative by many, but honestly, I don’t get hit on or flirted with so this number is high for me! My friend Hope suggested along with my “Must-Have” list I do a list of “Deal Breakers” as well. I’m trying to prioritize exactly what I want, and I think I’ve narrowed it down. My cuzzo Tokes thinks making a list is a set-up to fail. I think it’s funny and I’m curious about what I’ll find. I’ve also recruited some girlfriends who are incredibly anxious to help me boy-hunt and I’m nervous but completely excited.

Since this is MY blog.. of course fashion is involved, I’ll still be doing posts, possibly in my “man-hunting” gear.

Witty Banter/Personality
– I can’t be bored, if he can keep my attention in a conversation, it’s a complete +1!! Personality is KEY and although the rest of my list isn’t exactly in order, this is #1!

Cute Avi/Stylish – Does this make me shallow? Ugh.. No… we all like a lil eye candy to zoom in on. There’s so many incredible skin makers (most give away cute gifts!) out there, there is no excuse to wear a freebie copybot skin or an awful incredible hulk overly muscled shape. I like my boys proportionate please and none of this forever running around topless or damn near naked. You have an inventory.. Search for a shirt damn it!

Sweet – I’d like to think I’m a sweet girl, and sweet girls like me aren’t into the “playa playas”

Funny/Sarcastic/Nerdy – I suppose this would fit under the witty banter umbrella, but I adore the funny/sarcastic/nerdy personality type. I need to be able to laugh, do stupid dorky things and he still finds me adorable and is willing to do them with me.

Uber Sexy – Do I really have to explain!?

Accent/Nice Voice – Yes I like accents, who doesn’t? My favorite would have to be Australian, followed by English (esp. those Manchester boys *yummy*), then French (but not French Canadian) and Irish. Yes I said Irish.. So sexy yum! Although, I suppose if he didn’t have an accent a nice voice will do. I should change this to accent/nice voice shouldn’t I? Hmm… yes.

Same Time Zone – I can’t stress this enough! I’m in the same tie zone as SLT and usually come online only at certain times.. If someone is 6 hours ahead or behind me.. I’ll never get to talk to him again!

Willing to Explore – I’m all about cuddling on the poseballs at the house, but SL is such an incredible place and so many awesome Sims I’ve yet to explore, I need someone to roll out with me when the mood strikes. Be it a poetry reading or a brand new sim, being cooped up in the house is what I’m trying to get AWAY from.

Land/Plot/Skybox/SOMETHING! – I’m currently living in a skybox on my Cuzzo’s land. Mainly because I’m not in game enough to justify getting my own place and I spend all my money shopping. The Boy must have his own land if he’s looking to get in some cuddle time, we will not be going to my skybox because well.. I have no furnishing and it would be weird to have “relations” knowing my Cuzzo and his Wifey are just a few hundred meters away.

Is that it? I think so. Now on to the OTHER list.

Married in RL
– I realize that what I’m looking for, being married in RL shouldn’t be an issue right? It is for me, it’s inevitable that at times, feelings do bleed into RL, even if you truly do not want them to, it can happen. I just wouldn’t feel right possibly starting something with someone who’s taken.

Baggage/Trust Issues – It’s SL, who hasn’t had their share of BS, drama and all that other stuff? It’s true some people don’t just have issues, they have a friggin’ life time subscription. I need a man who doesn’t make me pay for what the ex did to him, someone who knows when to let the past be the past. Trust issues irk me so bad!

Serial Monogamous/Alt Boy – We all have alts, but if he has 5 alts and they all have S.O or are partnered.. That’s a HUGE deal breaker. I also can’t have the Let’s-Get-Married-After-Dating-For-Two-Weeks Guy. Some girls may think it’s sweet and romantic, but that just screams serial monogamous to me. You know that after he breaks off with you, he will be married/partnered again within 3 weeks. It’s like clockwork. You can’t LOVE someone after two weeks jeeze! Ok.. Ok… I went off on that one a little, let me pull it back in now!

Liars/Playa Playas – Self explanatory right? Don’t lie, it’s not sexy. Don’t be a player.. It’s not sexy either. Ooh, speaking of Sexy, I should add that to the must have. I must have Uber Sexiness!

Is the Alt of Someone I Know or Used to Date – Yea, not gonna lie, this one freaks me out more than a bit, it would be funny though, but freaky still. If he is we’re going to have some issues REALLY quick.

Why do I get the feeling some huge FACE PALM moments will happen because of this list?

Hi, my name is Bubbles, I’ll be your Single Girl for this adventure. Oh Snaps… HOLLA!

SKIN: Belleza – Elle
HAIR: Truth – Annette in Coffee
BIKINI: Armidi – Tricote Nada in Fresia
TANK: Paper Doll – Wet Tank in White
SHORTS: Boom – Wei Shorts in Grey with White Stripes
BAG: Tres Blah – Tres Blah Tote
NECKLACE: Skream! – Purity Chain Necklace in Silver
PIERCINGS: Skream! – Just Smile
EARS: Panda Express – Sad Elf Ears Thorned
TATTOO: Skream! – Scattered Hearts
BRACELET: Uzuri – Gumu Bangle in White
RING: AddiCt
SHOES/SOCKS: Reek – Slides in White/Navy/Blue
POSE: Iris M. for This Is a Fawn

Usher – OMG

Ooh (oooh) she got it allll
Sexy from her head to toes
And I want it all, it all, it all


12 Responses to “Adventures of the SL Single Girl: Chapter 1”

  1. Buttercup Dagger May 20, 2010 at 7:46 am #

    I just have a feeling you’ll never find anyone with those qualifications.. not in SL. LOL Especially accented but in the same time zone! I moved from SLT to GMT just to get my posh English boy.. Yes.. Surrey boy, no Manchester chav. 😛

  2. Kilolo Jenkins May 20, 2010 at 8:26 am #

    My hero 🙂

  3. Bubbles Komachi May 20, 2010 at 12:02 pm #

    Kilolo – LOL!

    Buttercup – It’s more tongue in cheek more then anything, but I think it’ll fun! and Yum.. Surrey Boys!

  4. Josue Habana May 20, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

    LOL Buttercup…. not everyone in Manchester is a chav you know!! 😉

    /me shuffles off un-chav-like in his Manchester home!

    Bubbles – superb criteria. And yes, I insist upon vetting!!

  5. Kilolo Jenkins May 20, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

    um…what’s a chav? *looks blankly…* and how did you get your piccies where that green box thingie is?

  6. Bubbles Komachi May 20, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

    Chav = ghetto! Or close to that.

    Josue – you do realize that i blame you entirely for all of this.. right?

    Kilolo – if you’re on wordpress, you can go to my account then profile and upload one for your icon.

  7. Nyx Divine May 20, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

    I showed this to Caleb, he pointed out he meets all the criteria, I pointed out that he’s ‘jailbait’. He pouted for a bit and then went out to play. 🙂

  8. Bubbles Komachi May 20, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    I so HEART Caleb!!

  9. Rhia Janick May 20, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    This idea=pure awesomeness…just letting ya know that I’m following haha.

  10. Dr. House Ragu, esq., III May 20, 2010 at 6:56 pm #

    This post had me singing Eenie Meenie by Bieber and Kingston. It’s your new theme song.

    I say you go for Caleb, but that’s because I’ve always thought you’d do well in prison!

  11. Bubbles Komachi May 20, 2010 at 8:31 pm #

    RHia – ROFL!! Yayyy!

    House – Oh monkey.. Fail for listening to that song and bieber’s high pitched voice. For the record. i’d be awful in prison thank you!

  12. Hal May 20, 2010 at 11:27 pm #

    being a guy who almost fulfills every point in the list (you can’t have it all >.<) if have to say that the attitude i can sense behind your list is a complete turn-off … being prejudiced and judgmental is is big deal-breaker for me
    having said that one has every right to make lists and stuff but yours is not a list to find someone but to exclude someone … so good luck !!! you might need it

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