3 Apr

Skream’s Splash of Dazzle face decal
Jaq always makes the most kawaii things!


Spring, You Make Me Incredibly Happy

SKIN: Belleza – Jesse
HAIR: LeLutka – Pompai in Soy Sauce
DRESS: Slow Kitchen – Chiffon Dress in Flower Pink
EARRINGS: Skream! – Love Me
FACE DECAL: Skream! – Splash of Dazzle in Pastel
TATTOO: Skream! – Scattered Hearts
SHOES: Sand Shack Surf Co – Sculpted Ballet Flats in Blue
POSES: IFemme & Penny Dreadful Arcade


The Birthday Massacre – Looking Glass
A friend introduced me to this group about 2 years ago
I’ve been diggin’ them since!

It’s a glass cage so I can’t pretend.
You hide beneath the physical.
I see it coming but I can’t defend.
You cut so deep, my belief is gone.


Yayyyy SPRING! It’s been storming in my area but today Spring is in incredible full bloom. It’s friggin’ gorgeous out and my mood is so lifted today. It takes so little to make me happy honestly, a bunch of Gerber daisies and him telling me he misses me was all it took. I always feel like I have nothing to report, funny how my ramblings get shorter the less I’m on SL..or rather the less they become about SL and more just general musings. SL is amazing, but these last few weeks without it have actually been nice. I never blink an eye when I’m away (I’m just not that addicted!) but this is the first time it’s been a few months vs a few weeks. Is my SL future coming to a short close? I don’t know. RL I’m launching a business and I’m so excited that it’s taking up so much of my time and when it will launch, my time will be almost filled..except the time I’ll donate to sleeping..eating and sex (we all need sex!)

I’m hitting my 30th this summer. 30!! I’m going to be 30!!! I still can’t believe it, I started SL when I was 26..and now… I’m entering a different decade of my life and it’s all so surreal but the future is bright and I’m excited.

Oooh and I finally get to see Alice In Wonderland tonight!! I’ve been trying to go for weeks but never had the time and I FINALLY… FINALLY found the time. YES!


6 Responses to “Yayy SPRING!”

  1. Ashe Anthony April 4, 2010 at 12:13 am #

    Good luck with your business, and this is a beautiful look :]
    I agree, the weather is nice lately^^
    Great to see you posting again Bubbles.

  2. Josue Habana April 4, 2010 at 1:47 am #

    Alice in Wonderland is freakin’ awesome. My son made me take him like 4 times so far!!!

    Anyway, check you blogging more than once in a week. Muah ha ha!

  3. Bubbles Komachi April 4, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    Jos… i did it just to shock you baby!

  4. Josue Habana April 6, 2010 at 12:17 pm #

    Woot you’re thinking of me then?? 😉

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