Girls Night In.. ugh.. sorta..

13 Mar

Josue Habana in Lingerie.. ROFL!
“10 from the Asian Judge!!”


Slumber Parties Are The Breeding Grounds For Half Naked Pillow Violence

On Josue:
SKIN: Signature Skins – Kalil
HAIR: Tiny Bird – Sodom South Georgia in Warm Black
LINGERIE: Blowpop – Jolene in Cranberry
STOCKINGS: House of Nyla – Baby Pink Desire Lace Stockings
SUNGLASSES: FNKY! – Fly Glasses in Black
POSES: @Waffles & Niqotine Poses (no longer available)

On Bubs:
SKIN: Belleza – Jesse
HAIR: Tiny Bird – Sodom South Georgia in Brownie &
Sixty-Nine – Model Hair 02 in Off Black
LINGERIE: Blowpop – Felice in Green
STOCKINGS: Fishy Strawberry – Swan Lake Leggings in Ripped Fishnets
TATTOO: Skream! – Scattered Hearts
EARRINGS: Skream! – Metal Hoops in Silver
SHOES: LeLutka – Saffron Pumps in Neutral Black
SCORE CARD: Boom/Slash Me Poses – Rebake Score Cards
POSES: Long Awkward Pose


Daddy Yankee – Pose
Daddy Yankee is just too damn fly.

Ella Es La Nena De Daddy
Su Pelo Y Su Sexy Body
Es De Otro Nivel
Intocable No La Pueden Ver
Mami Vente Al Web Cam
Facil Sigue Mi Plan


It feels like I haven’t been around in wayyyyy too long. RL is as always hectic and consumes most of my time, by the time I get online, I’m so exhausted; I check messages and bolt. I, however, have to blame/thank my friend the incredible and infamous Josue Habana (of Pixel Scoop.. the ultimate metaverse site.. *yea think that stroked his ego a bit?*) for keeping me laughing and online way too much these last few times I’ve logged in. Trust me.. nothing is seriously more exciting than watching a drunken Brit run around a sex sim sporting an incredibly pasty white cock (outside of his pants..and did I mention the cock had a big smiley face on it? ughh.. YEA!) and hitting on random men. My cheeks were aching so hard for all the smiling and laughing I did that day, it’s been way too long since I really had side-splitting fun in SL!

So speaking of Mr Habana.. he puts so much trust in me.. that when I decided I really wanted to do a post about lingerie and slumber parties he was on board. He was under the impression he’d be in the presence of pillow fighting half-naked girls. Then he finds out that it will be him in lingerie.. PINK lingerie with garters, stockings and curlers in his hair no less. Proper girly slumber party wear of course and
luckily for me, the man is so beyond secure with his sexuality he practically jumps into the lingerie and starts posing right away.
And yes.. he does deserve a 10!

I’ve said it many times before..and I’ll never get tired of saying it again..


3 Responses to “Girls Night In.. ugh.. sorta..”

  1. Josue Habana March 14, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    /me rawrs in a masculine fashion.

  2. Bubbles Komachi March 14, 2010 at 7:41 pm #

    /me snorts at the man in pink.


  1. Second Life Slumber Party | Second Life Blog | Pixel Scoop - March 14, 2010

    […] and you can see her fashion post about this ‘manly combat related underwear party,’ right here. Share […]

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