Yayy.. I Can Haz Partner!

22 Feb

Someone Actually Wanted To Partner Me!
Minxy <33


5… 5… 5 Dollar Footlong!

On Minx:
SKIN: Laqroki – Kira
HAIR: Red Queen – Dreams in Cherry & Onyx
DRESS: League – Unzipped in Black
SHOES: Bax Coen Designs – Prestige in Red 

On Bubs:
SKIN: Belleza – Alyson
HAIR: Truth – Freda in Ivory
DRESS: Luck Inc. – Petite Net in Gold
STOCKINGS: Luck Inc. – Half Stockings in Black
HORNS: Sweet Leonard & Needful Things – Fa(u)ntasy Horns in Appletree
EARS: Sweet Leonard & Needful Things – ELF Ears in Cherry
PIERCING: Skream! – Delicate Fangs
GLOVES: LouLou&Co – Enigma in White
TATTOOS: Plastik – Burdies And Feathers
BUNNIES: Pink Fuel – Sad Bunnies
SHOES: League – Shin Boots
POSES: Slash Me Poses & CnS 


The Cardigans – Lovefool
I Heart 1997!

Lately I have desperately pondered,
Spent my nights awake and I wonder
What I could have done in another way
To make you stay


Congratulations! You have been partnered with Minx Mai. This change will now be reflected in your in-world profile. 

ROFL!! My friend Minx *smushes her adorable face* partnered me 2 days ago, stating that boys suck and together we’ve decided to become Celebate Rezzbians… yayyyy! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a partner in my box and I used to always take it seriously and reserve it for someone I loved.. or at least really liked. Then I realized.. I looooovers my Minxie like she’s an RL sister.. so why not! Yayyy!  BUT .. I can still flirt with boys! 


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