Playing Catch Up

7 Feb

Finally.. Some Time in SL!


I’m Needin’ That Fresh Air Blowin’ Through My Hair

SKIN: Laqroki – Trisha
HAIR: Fri.Day – Quinn in Melancholy White
DRESS: Couverture – Strawberry Dress V.3
NECKLACE: Caroline’s Jewelry – Broken Long Strand White Pearls
RING: Paper Couture – Times Square Ring in Black and White Diamond
(Available on XStreet)
EARS: Sweet Leonard & Needful Things – ELF Ears in Cherry
BOOTS: Sn@tch – Beat Up Cowboy Boots
POSES: Glitterati


Gorilla Zoe – Echo
I think this song fits the rant

Now there’s nobody to argue with
Cause I’m not home
Don’t care who your with
Don’t call my phone
Or did you forget
You know you’re wrong
I’m gone


I haven’t been around much lately, just so much has been going on and at the end of the day, I don’t have much of an attention span to be in game. I was able to pop in this weekend and just sat around having convos with some of my favorite people. Earlier today I was talking with a friend who was having girl problems. Basically a girl was taking advantage of his time and when her EX comes back into town.. she drops him cold turkey to get back with the EX.

So I’m giving him advice on how to handle the situation.. but when it comes down to it. It’s all about YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE!  Knowing that you are worth more than someone needing you to make them feel better for a certain amount of time, and knowing exactly what you bring to the table and what a phenomenal person you actually are. I think too many girls see the innocence and good in him and take advantage of it, he showers them with attention and is exactly what they need.. for the moment.

And it makes me angry.. I’m inherently protective of those I call a friend and it makes me wonder, why is it, ESPECIALLY in a realm like SL.. some women who might not necessarily have a great RL.. take it upon themselves to fuck over someone within SL just because they can and have no responsibilities to own up to. UGH! I know it’s not just girls and guys do it also.. and maybe it’s human nature to be bad and do the bad when they think it’s ok and doesn’t matter. IT DOES MATTER…. SL may be a game to some.. but I and most of my friends use it as a way to meet people we wouldn’t necessarily meet in our everyday life and I see it as a messaging program, something like Yahoo or Google Talk. Funny enough, you ALWAYS hear about people wanting to ‘quit’ SL.. but no one really quits Yahoo..or MSN.. or Skype.

Ok.. rant over *blows kisses*
It’s good to be able to have my thoughts come rushing out of my head again.
To my friend.. let them females pulling their BITCHASSNESS attitude hear your echo.. because they don’t deserve you, your time, your words or your affections.
Fuck a dime.. you’re a Silver Dollar Holla! <33


2 Responses to “Playing Catch Up”

  1. Ashe Anthony February 7, 2010 at 11:23 pm #

    I agree with your rant. Welcome back to SL Bubbles!

  2. Bubbles Komachi February 8, 2010 at 1:41 am #

    *snuggles Ms Ashe* Haiii babygirl!

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