Super Lazy Sunday

31 Jan

PIG’s Sing Sing Precious Top


Comfy Seat.. Hot Chai Tea.. The Office & I’m ZEN Baby!

SKIN: Uzuri – Ramla Skin in Indigo Pink
HAIR: Truth – Anise in Chocolate
TOP: Pig – Sing Sing Precious
UNDIES: Scribble – Day Of The Week Undies in Sunday
EARRINGS: LouLou&Co – Equinoxe Earrings
RING: Paper Couture – Diamond Encrusted Square Cut Amethyst Ring (available on XStreet)
PIERCING: Skream! – Just Smile
STOCKINGS: League – Thermal Stockings in Fifty Linden Friday Fuschia
POSES: Vain Inc & Fri.Day


Jesse McCartney – Leavin’
Someone please tell me Jesse is of LEGAL age
because he’s lookin wayyyy too fly and doing
too many naughty things in that video to
be under 18.

Now if I talk it girl, you know that I will walk it out
Man I’ll put my money money where my mouth is
Cause you’re the baddest little thing that I’ve ever seen
So I’m gonna ask you one time if you got a man


I spent most of today chillin’ in my barely somethings and not leaving my skybox while on grid.. or offline re-watching season 4 of The Office. I’m up the season 5 now and have seen all of season 6 so far. DAMN I LOVE THIS SHOW! I’m such a Jim and Pam fan… I really want my own JIM one day (tall, incredibly boyish and simply wonderful), their love story is just way too cute, plus I love the jokester Jim character.

*sips my chai tea*
Today… has been a nice easy day.


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