Bella Got Super-Gangster’d

28 Jan

Uzuri’s Ramla Skin


Tell Me.. This Is Exactly What You Want.

SKIN: Uzuri – Ramla Skin in Indigo Natural
HAIR: Aden – Kaylee in Dark Brown
TOP: Fishy Strawberry – Poisonous Lotus Top
JACKET: Uzuri – Biker Jacket in Red
JEANS: So Many Styles – Skinny Jeans in Black
EARRINGS: Uzuri – Nene Earrings
BRACELET: Uzuri – Binamu Bangles
SHOES: Anexx – Laceup Boots in Gray
POSES: Slash Me Poses & @Waffles


Busta Rhymes ft. Mariah Carey – I Know What You Want
By request but also because I haven’t
heard this song in a quick minute!

Shh, mami listen
I feel ya love for me baby
And how it move through you
I been longin’ for the moment
To talk the truth to you



[17:53] Bubbles Komachi: ok last thing then im going.. the skins… are FUCKIN AMAZING!!!!! my Buddha!
[17:53] Bubbles Komachi: ok now i go! rofl!! *licks*
[17:54] Bella Bombast: loooool, I feel like I’m gonna be supergangstered soon :p

ROFL! And she was right, I’m sporting Bella’s creations allllll over today. I was hanging out at Lauren’s open mic event today
(shameless plug for Lauren Weyland..
when Bella Bombast of Uzuri drops some awesome LOVE on me. I nearly fell over everyone at the show as I got up and rushed home strip down and check out all of Bella’s newness. I first tried on the skins.. and my BUDDHA!! I stood there staring at myself for a good 5 mins because the skin is so gorgeously rich! My favorite are the Indigo eyes (lovers me some blue eyeshadow!) with the natural lips.
One, I’m very much a natural lip girl in rl with only sheer to light pink glosses on my lips (since they already naturally have color), so the Natural lips got me right off the bat, there’s also other lipstick choices ranging from Hot Pink to the nude Peach.
Second, I didn’t have to change my shape!
Third, the skin color is just amazing. Being a woman of color (aka dark ass Asian rofl) in RL, I always appreciate dark skin tones in SL when they’re done correctly. Sometimes I feel like some skin makers don’t take enough care when they go to a color darker than a sun-kissed tan. The makeup just doesn’t look right or the skin color is sorta just ashy and doesn’t have that rich luster I love so much.

So I had to IM Bella and tell her how amazing her newness was and we got into this conversation about making what you love first in SL. I dig her outlook as in.. everything she makes for her store Uzuri, she made because she wanted to wear it herself. So there’s an incredible level of personal care.. because let’s face it, when it comes to our own personal looks, we’re ALL awesomely vain and have the right to be! I do the same thing with blogging. I blog the awesomeness I find, what I’m obsessed with and what I’m rockin while running around the grid that day; it’s all about that love of fashion! Oh! The jacket is all PRIM! YES! There isn’t a clothing layer so you’re able to wear this jacket (consisting of 3 different attachments) with basically damn near everything (yayyy!)

SL Fashion honestly makes me feel like a kid in a candy store, especially when there’s some new kick ass releases that makes me squeal in all sorts of delight and makes me think of a million idea on how to incorporate them into my everyday wardrobe.
Bella you rock all sorts of HARDCORE!


One Response to “Bella Got Super-Gangster’d”

  1. Ashe Anthony January 28, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    ;oo Sweet look, and I agree with your ramble.
    If one chooses to make dark skin, do it right Dx

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