My Nerd Is Showing

27 Jan

Vive9’s Marianne with teeth!


Of Course A Lil’ Buck Teeth Is Sexy… I Thought You Knew!

SKIN: Vive9 – Marianne
HAIR: Aden – Autumn in Dark Brown
TOP: Boom – Call Me Baby in Spice
DRESS: So Many Styles – Pocket Dress in Blue
GLASSES: Awesome Blossom – Not a Nerd Eyeglasses (Hump Day)
NECKLACE: Skream! – Petite Purity Chain Necklace in Silver
EARRINGS: Skream! – I’m A Star Earrings in Silver
SHOES: Miel – Haiti Boots
POSES: Fri.Day
BACKDROP: La Petite Morte – The Attic Photo Set


Chromeo – Night By Night
damnnnn! I did not know Dave1 had sick moves
like this! Dare I say.. he’s damn near perfect!
I want him BAD!

When we don’t know which way to go
and it doesn’t really matter what we do
there’s gotta be one good way to know
If all this is worth it we can work it night by night.


I popped into So Many Styles the other day after my girl Nic (aka blogger extraordinaire!) told me about the sale, although I didn’t pick up any sales items, I did buy this cute dress and a few other new releases I hadn’t had a chance to get my hands on! Me + Sales = dangerous, because more than likely I’ll always end up over spending. Today has been uneventful..but I like that, it means less things for me to stress over. I have, however, rediscovered my addiction to the game FROOTCAKE and have forced my cuzzo Token to play with me when I’m online… downside.. the boy is getting good and keeps screwing me over. DAMN YOU TOKEN!

Oooh! I gotta send a quick shout out to Kilolo Jenkins who I ran into while at La Petite Morte. I dig running into other bloggers, especially ones I’ve spoken too via blog comments.


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