Feels Like Insomnia…

23 Jan

CandyDoll’s Abella Skin


When You Can’t Sleep.. Play On SL

SKIN: CandyDoll – Abella in Night Tanned
HAIR: Mirai Style – Dafy in Brown
TOP: SK Designs – Slim Outfit in Grey
VEST: Aoharu – Leather Riders Vest in Red
JEANS: Urbanity – Hated Jeans in Tartan Gray
NECKLACE: Naith Smit Design – Rock’n’Roll Gang Bang Chain
EARS: Sweet Leonard & Needful Things – ELF Ears in Cherry
CUFFS: Mandala – Reiki Bracelet in Black
SHOES: League – Shin Boots
POSES: Glitterati – Sci-Fi Hallway


Craig David – Insomnia

Because i can’t sleep til you’re next to me
No i can’t live without you no more
Oh i stay up til you’re next to me
Til this house feels like it did before


I have no idea what’s going on with me lately. I just can’t sleep, I seem to stay up later and later and when I do sleep, it’s short and never that restful. I think I’m stressin’ way too much and am in need of a proper vacation.  A LONG ONE!

So anyhoo, I was poppin’ around the fashion feeds a few days ago and I caught a post from Holli Thespian about these new Abella skins from CandyDoll. I’ve never been to CandyDoll before so I popped in, mostly because the lips on the skin really struck me. It had that very sexy “oooh, I see something shiny” look to it, very pucker pout sexy! I was digging it hardcore and after trying on the demo, I did something I rarely ever do… I changed my eye shape! I lessen the slant on my eyes and made them more squinty/bedroomy to compliment the skin. I actually really dig it. I only picked one up because I personally favor the smokey eyes and semi-natural lipsticks. That POUT! My god.. I’m all sorts of addicted to it!

I’m not gonna lie, I am absolutely guilty of buying clothes and taking weeks, some times months before wearing them. I popped into Urbanity a few weeks ago and picked up these cute jeans when Trixi Wuyts had just released her Le Mini dress. They’re awesomely cute… BUT beware, these badgirls are super low.. like you’d better be rockin’ a Brazilian Wax low! Easy fix? Wear a long tank or shirt like I did… or if you’re brave, rock out with your cooch out! Regardless, they’re friggin sexy like WHOA!

*wiggles eyebrows*


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