This Is How We Roll

19 Jan

Family Who Will Always Have Your Back <33

Good Looks Runs In This Family.

On Bubs:
SKIN: Belleza – Jesse
HAIR: Truth – Audrey in Chocolate
DRESS: LP Design – GBMS Dress in Blue
JACKET: Niniko – Full Sculp Coat (Winter Choice 2009)
EARRINGS: Glow Studio – Folk Round Mosaic Earrings
SHOES: Anexx – Bijou Gladiator Heels in Violet
POSES: !Femme & Fri.Day

On Paolo:
SKIN: Belleza – Thomas
HAIR: Uncleweb Studio – Nick in Black
SHIRT: PixelFashion – Max Shirt in Khaki & Blue
JACKET: Aoharu – Tailored Leather Jacket in Brown
JEANS: Casa Del Shai – Scruffy Jeans Apollo
GLASSES: Role Optic – SG-56 Dion
SHOES: Anexx – Leather Rider Boots in Brown
POSES: Long Awkward Pose


Snoop Dogg Ft. The Dream – Gangsta Luv
I don’t care if this is over-played
I still knock it.

She make it do
what it do
when we doing
what we do


Yayyyy, I finally got my Baby Brother Paolo to do a post with me. He’s got great style and is mad gangster like me! I know I’ve been buggin’ him for a bit to get this done and after too many massive fails from SL, I finally got some kick ass pictures. Isn’t he cute? And yes ladies.. HE IS SINGLE… to quote my friend Syn’s comment yesterday “Paolo is Bub’s brother.. but certainly isn’t little” ROFL.

It’s funny looking at our pic, I’m feel very simple these last few weeks. Barely any jewelry or accessories, maybe I just don’t have the patience to adjust them or my SL is becoming a lot like my RL. I like to dress up and put pieces together but most of the time my jewelry is bare minimal to non-existant save for a pair of kick ass earrings. I’m such an earring fiend. I wanted to thank Liberty Shinn for showing me some blog love! I still think my blog is so new and not many people have seen it yet, but when I get incredibly sweet comments about it (Liberty said she loved my blog.. YAY!) it makes me squeal with all sorts of delight!

The dress I’m sporting is by LP Design, I first discovered it actually though Flickr and popped over to the store immediately. The collection is still on the small side but so many great pieces, I’ve featured a few in my past blog entries. Liberty recently dropped this gorgeous dress on me and I adore it, the details at the bustline and the deep V-shaped back are both beautiful. The jacket I got from Niniko as a part of the Winter Choice 2009 prizes and I am quickly becoming and big Niniko fan. Paolo pulled his look together after I told him to dress as if he was going on a casual date.. something comfy but will impress a girl. I showed these pics to a friend before I posted them and she literally went “that’s Paolo? Damn.. lookin’ good” ROFL. His shirt is from a spot called PixelFashion, I had never been there but popped in to grab an SLurl earlier, really nice store, it’s now on my shopping list to fully check out later. Our shoes btw, are apart of Aoharu’s and Anexx’s huge 50% off sale, a fat pack of 3 colors are only 600Ls! STEAL!

Paolo and I were in voice during this shoot and he said something that cracked me up so hard!

Paolo: uh.. Bubs, you need pants or something because your cooch is hanging out
Bubs: *cams down* OMG! Lol.. I knew this dress was short, I didn’t realize I was all out like that! It’s ok, my camera angle for the pic covers it all up
Paolo: Lucky, cus if Token or I saw it on your blog, we would’ve given you hell, posting stuff like “WE SEE COOCH” all over the place
Bubs: Oh hell no.. you would.

ROFL! See why Paolo and I are family? He’s kick ass like that.


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