Nom Nom BOBA!!

29 Dec

HOC Industries’ Hemp Bag & Twosome’s Cozy Tights
(I swear this is not a promotion of my ass but it’s lookin’ kinda cute today woot!)

Belleza’s Alyson.. Soon To Be Released


Boba Makes Every Day A Better Day!

SKIN: Belleza – Alyson
HAIR: Decoy – Katie in Snow
UNDERSHIRT: Fri.Day – Long Sleeve Layering Tee in Orange
JACKET: Decoy – Hooded Blazer in Navy
SKIRT: So Many Styles – Rose High-Waist Skirt in Orange-Blue
SCARF: DP YumYum – Gacha Muffler
PIERCINGS: Skream! – Delicate Fangs
BOBA DRINK: RC Cluster – Bubble Tea
EARS: Sweet Leonard & Needful Things – ELF Ears in Cherry
BAG: HOC Industries – Hemp Bag
TIGHTS: Twosome – Cozy Tights in Grey
SHOES: Maitreya – SoHo Boots in Black
POSES: Penny Dreadful Arcade & !Femme


Drunken Tiger – Drunken Symphony
HELLLLL YAH!!! My Asian is coming out now!
I’ve been a DT Fan since back in ’99
Tiger JK & DJ Shine are some of the flyest and
most under-rated MCs to ever hit the music scene
I still bump this song like I did back then.

A yo bust it, you rocken with the original drunken
tiger forever finessin’ this is how we function,
this mic in my possession making me the president of
this resident for lyrical elements and development


Do you know what Boba is? Boba is the best think to ever happen to tea and sweet drinks. SWEAR!! They’re yummy black tapioca balls that you find at the asian coffee shops and are added to all sorts of drinks from plain tea, milk tea to icy smooth frozen drinks called “snow bubble”, also known as ‘peals’, they seriously make my smile whenever I’m sipping some through an entirely too big straw. If theres a QCup, Quickly, Tapioca Express or any sort of Asian Tea House in your area, run out and get some. Just don’t choke!

Drab days with awful weather deserves some color, that’s what I was going for here. I adore these tights from Twosome, a pack comes with 5-6 different colors and for only 75Ls! It’s beyond bargain, plus the textures are kick-ass. The high-waisted skirt was a 50L Friday special from So Many Styles and I love the brightness of it. Who says winters are only for neutral tones! Oh! If you’re in the Belleza group and haven’t checked notices yet, Tricky sent out an awesome gift for guys and girls. Previews of his soon to be released skins. I’m wearing his new girl face Alyson, and I swear.. Tricky does it again because it’s BEAUTIFUL! I know I said a few posts ago that I’d only do one more for the year, but this one had to be done, I’ve been running around in it the past few days and I really dig it.


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