I Has Cute Socks.. Woot!

17 Dec

Worldwide Industries’ Army Girl Garter Socks
Kookie’s Athena Shoes


Wow, I look super young!

SKIN: Curio – Elf in Sundust Light (gift.. TY Gala!)
HAIR: PR!TTY – Runway Model Hair in Brunette
DRESS: Boom – Call Me Baby in Icicle
JACKET: !Ohmai – Basics Pocket Cardigan in Nudist
EARRINGS: Skream! – “I’m A Star” Earrings in Silver
SOCKS: Worldwide Industries – Army Girl Garter Socks in Med Gray
SHOES: Kookie – Athena in Black
POSES: !Femme


Robin Thicke – Lost Without You
I still can’t believe this is Alan Thicke’s son,
so wierd! But regardless I love me some Robin Thicke
This song is so smooth and I just can’t help but
*swoon* whenever I hear it

You wanna touch yourself when you see me
Tell me how you love my body
And how I make you feel baby
You wanna roll with me
You wanna to hold with me
You wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me
I just love to hear you say it
It makes a man feel good baby


True story… when I first started SL, I won’t lie, I dressed a bit like a ho! Tons of freebies and the clothing at the time (before I discovered Dazzle/Last Call) that were affordable (ie cheap) were the shorter, slutty clothing, plus I worked in a club so I was in that gear 24/7 almost. My baby brother (who was about 12 at the time) would come in to ask me HW questions while I was online and said this to me:

Bubs’ Baby Bro: Dood, why do you dress your girl all slutty, you look like those old Filipino moms who think they’re still cute so they dress all slutty like they’re young.
Bubs: omg! babe, why would you say that! I do not!
Bubs Baby Bro: But you do! Your avatar is ugly!

ROFL! So fast forward 3 years later on SL, he comes in to ask me a question and takes a look at my avi which he hasn’t seen in a long time

Bubs’ Baby Bro: You look better now, nice to see you finally got some style
Bubs: *stares at him all ugly*
Bubs’ Baby Bro: but you’re still ugly real life *runs away laughing*

LOL! Yes, he’s officially a teenager now and I finally got the thumbs up from him. He’s a self-proclaimed fashion boy in RL (ie he makes me buy him expensive clothes) and thinks he can tell me whats cute and not, it’s a lil’ scary!

Ok! That’s my story for the day, as for the clothes, young, sweet and playful. That’s just how I ROLL! Boom, of course always makes the cutest things and this sweater dress is no exception, it even has the sleeves I adore so much, the kind that goes over your hand. I paired it with this super cute cardigan sweater from !Ohmai; plus these socks from Worldwide Industries i’m obsessed with.. GARTERS FTW!!! The shoes are the newest release from Kookie and are so adorable but makes my feet look so uber tiny, although I still haven’t taken them off these last couple days. I’ve basically been LIVING in this outfit!


2 Responses to “I Has Cute Socks.. Woot!”

  1. Chance G. December 18, 2009 at 12:34 pm #

    oh. that’s one of my all time fav songs! ;D

    • Bubbles Komachi December 18, 2009 at 5:09 pm #

      DIG!! I’m still waiting for a boy to sing it all sweet like to me!

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