15 Dec

Meya’s ‘For You I Will’ pose
(seriously how cute are we?)


Forcing A Friend To Do Fashion With You Is FUN!

On Bubs:
SKIN: Exodi – Sienna in Pretty, Pretty Princess Nuit tone
HAIR: Truth – Farrah in Ivory
TANK: !Ohmai – Basic Loose Racerback in Sunny
JACKET: Coco – Cardigan in Lace
PANTS: Tyranny Designs – Pretentious Capris in Army
PIERCINGS: Skream! – Delicate Fangs
JEWERLEY: Miel – Lun Set
SHOES: Kookie – Powder Puff in Sun Gold
POSES: Penny Dreadful Arcade & MEYA

On Jeri:
SKIN: Belleza – Jonas
HAIR: Uncleweb Studio – Reed in black
TOP: Doppleganger Inc – New Threads Tee in Blizzard
JACKET: SG Fashion – Dendhi Jacket in Khaki
PANTS: Boom – Gettin’ Low Jeans Indigo
SHOES: HOC Industries – Hocs Lowtops
POSES: @Waffles


The Spill Canvas – Lullaby
I fell asleep listening to this last night
over and over on my iPOD…
I want to be adored again

It’s about how you laugh out of pity
‘Cause let’s be honest I’m not really that funny
I know that you’re shy
just let me sing you to sleep


I have no shame, I IM’d my friend Jericho (yes past hot boy Jericho!) and basically forced him into modeling for me. Our conversation (loosely) went something like this.

Bubs: Jeri, i need a boy model, you’re going to model for me, I’m going to style you, tell you what clothing to buy and how to wear them and you’re going to stand still and let me move your body the way i want ok?
Jeri: ummmm… huh?
Bubs: pleaseeeeeeeeeee Jeri!
Jeri: Fine.. lucky i like you
Bubs: yayy!! WIN!

Lol, so I dragged him around and made him buy clothes and adjust the prims (which he hates), stuck him on a pose ball, made him alt cam a box and just worked. I wanted something sunny and happy looking, esp with all the cold weather I’ve had to endure in RL (60 degrees IS cold weather for me). I dig how we look and suddenly I’m wishing for summer so I can break out all my cute tanks and capris again.
Thanks for letting me use your body Jeri!! I appreciate it!


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