Weekend Full of WIN!

14 Dec

SMP/Skream’s “In My Room” posing chair


Neck Up “Ready For Winter”; Shoulders Down “Where’s The Party At?”

SKIN: Exodi – Sienna in Pretty, Pretty Princess Nuit tone
HAIR: Fri.Day – Serena in Melancholy White
DRESS: Paper.Doll – Shimmer Mini in Cranberry
JACKET: Aoharu – Vintage Denim Jacket in Black
PIERCING: Skream! – Delicate Fangs
HAT: Emery – Trapper Hat in Red
STOCKINGS: Luck Inc – Half Fishnet Stockings in White
SHOES: Shiny Things – Glossy Ribbon Boots in Black
POSES: Slash Me Poses/Skream! & @Waffles


Stone Sour – Through Glass
no words.. just 100% adoration

How do you feel? That is the question
But I forget.. you don’t expect an easy answer
When something like a soul becomes
Initialized and folded up like paper dolls and little notes
You can’t expect a bit of hope
So while you’re outside looking in
Describing what you see
Remember what you’re staring at is me


This weekend has seriously been filled with such awesome WIN! Friday, I logged in and got this kick ass… KICK ASS gift from Slash Me Poses/Skream!, a posing chair called “In my room”, It has 6 different poses scripted with a drop down menu, and as a wannabe SL photographer/pretty shitty photoshopper… I appreciate props where I don’t have to work too hard to make my pics look yum! I did pics with my 2 favorite poses and I dig how they came out. Claire and Jacqueline.. you both are seriously WIN!!!
The dress (btw) is a group gift from Zoey Gabardini of Paper.Doll and came in 2 colors.. cranberry and mistletoe (red and green..rofl) and are super adorable, plus she’s having a 12 days of Christmas hunt going on at the store… so yes, you read correctly, 2 cute free dresses and even more exclusive hunt-only items. DOUBLE WIN!!
I know I’ve blogged this skin already, it’s a group gift from Ryker Beck of Exodi, exclusive makeup for Sienna called Pretty Pretty Princess and the face is super cute, but the funny thing is, i didn’t pay much attention to the body.. UNTIL NOW! As I was putting this outfit together, I took a look at the shading of the thighs and it has that subtle dimension of really toned sexy thighs (yes, i will wait while you scroll up and look at my thighs), basically.. Ryker.. you’re fuckin WIN chickadee!

My friend SimpleTek Saiman (friends since our noob days!) just opened his gadget store called Pyro Scripts full of geeky awesomeness (huds, scripts, toys), he dropped his latest creation on me (before the store opened cus we’s coo like that!) a Chat (v1.0) Translator (hud) that takes your chat and translates it into 5 different “languages”, jive, l33t, piglatin, noob and redneck. It’s seriously FUCKIN hilarious!! I was playing with it for about 30 mins (literally talking to myself) while testing it out for him. Check it out…

[23:08] Bubbles Komachi: let’s see what this thing does in Jive
[23:08] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) let’s see whut dis doodad duz in JIBE
[23:08] Bubbles Komachi: lol! WTF!
[23:08] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) lol! Right on! WTF! Right on!
[23:08] Bubbles Komachi: this is SO fucking WIN!
[23:08] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) dis be SO fuckin’ WIN! Right on!
[23:09] Bubbles Komachi: Level 7 l33tness baby!
[23:09] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) £3\/3£ 7 £337|\|3$$ ß4ߥ!
[23:09] Bubbles Komachi: oh hell no!
[23:09] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) 0|-| |-|3££ |\|0!
[23:09] Bubbles Komachi: Level 4 l33t is sexy!
[23:09] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) £3v3£ 4 £337 1$ $3x¥!
[23:09] Bubbles Komachi: Noob typing, I wonder what this looks like
[23:09] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) Noob typigg, I wondeh what dis looks like
[23:10] Bubbles Komachi: oomg! typonese!
[23:10] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) oomg! Huh huh! typonese! Huh huh!
[23:10] Bubbles Komachi: i hate piglatin, i never could do it right
[23:10] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) iyay atehay iglatinpay, iyay evernay ouldcay oday ityay ightray
[23:10] Bubbles Komachi: i need to look at that sideways cus it’s fuckin with me!
[23:10] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) iyay eednay otay ooklay atyay atthay idewayssay uscay it’syay uckinfay ithway emay!
[23:11] Bubbles Komachi: My Big Fat Redneck Wedding is the best show ever!
[23:11] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) Mah Trimenjus Fat Redneck Weddin’ is th’ bess show evah! Fry mah hide!
[23:11] Bubbles Komachi: adores simple so hardcore right now!
[23:11] Chatz v1.0: (Bubbles Komachi) ado’es simple so hardco’e right now! Fry mah hide!

So of course I ran to tell Simple how WIN his new hud is! Run to his new store to pick it up! It comes in a gift version also, perfect for the holidays!
(yes.. that really was a shameless plug)

Weekend Win Recap…
1. Claire and Jacqueline for their awesome pose chair
2. Zoey for the kick ass dresses and hunt
3. Ryker for my sexy ass thighs
4. SimpleTek for being my brilliant scripting friend with fucked up humour

ADORE <3333


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