I Want Hot Chocolate

9 Dec

AY.Line’s Nico hair


My Face is Cold.. Feed Me Hot Chocolate Please!

SKIN: Belleza
HAIR: AY.LinE – Nico in Coffee
CARDIGAN: Fishy Strawberry – Oversized Cardigan in Brown
BRA: Wanderer The Wind – Lingerie ver23 in Brown
JACKET: Fri.Day – Military Jacket in Black Denim
LEGGINGS: Twosome – Cozy Tights in Brown
SHOES: Kookie – Pomski Coffee Candy Boots
POSES: @Waffles


New Found Glory – Dressed To Kill
I heard this song on the way home from kickboxing
and was reminded how much I love it!

I’m always dressed to kill
And I feel like I owe it to the world
But I owe it to myself
And you’re, you’re not here
And I can’t stop pretending
That you’re forever mine…


I finally decided to put some things into boxes because my inventory is seriously out of control. I packed away a lot of things that were non-trans and never wear anymore but just couldnt delete them as of yet. I came upon a folder I haven’t seen in a long time. It had my ‘wedding’ ring in it. The only rings I’ve ever exchanged during my time on SL, I thought I deleted it a long time ago (during my ‘hate’ period) but there it was. I no longer have the presents he’s given me, I deleted all pictures, notecards and anything that reminded me of him both RL and SL a long time ago… but there it was.. our ring. I toyed with the idea of putting on, just for a second. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. I would never go back and he would never want me to, I know he doesn’t think of me anymore and the feeling is mutual.  But for that moment… just for those few seconds…..  I remembered him… and smiled.

It’s cold, way too cold to be sitting here in RL in a tank top and as i sit here shivering, I threw on warm clothes in SL (as opposed to RL.. i know!) and love all the winter items available now. I especially love this hair from AY.LinE by Anywa Nyoki, the hat is uber jaunty (that’s the word i’m looking for!)plus it changes to about 8 different colors. I like the lightly curled hair underneath as well; very smart and adorable. I’m in love with all things Fishy Strawberry and this over-sized cardigan is no exception. The military jacket is a new addition to my over-stuffed inventory, I picked it up at Fri.Day, who (btw) is having a FAT FAT FAT 50Ls, 75Ls and 100Ls sale right now, so pop over before it’s over in a few days.

All pics were taken at the awesome Winterstock sim!


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