Rawr Worthy

30 Nov

Vive9’s (soon to be released) Grace Skins!
Rawwwr Worthy!


Super Gangster Turn Sex Kitten.. Le Rawwr!

SKIN: Vive9 – Grace V2 in Mocha Outspoken
(Freebie Preview now available in store!)
HAIR: Decoy – Nicole in Dark Brown
DRESS: Artilleri – Lovely Leo Dress
BELT: Fri.Day – Wide Waist Belt in Red
FLOWER: Artilleri – Lovely Lily!
JEWELERY: Miel – Lun Set (50Ls Friday)
SHOES: Maitreya Gold – Esprit-Xtd in Cherry
POSES: !Femme and Mudhoney Designs


The Servant – How To Destroy a Relationship
Awesome song, I’ve never heard of this band
until last night when Hadley told me to look them up
I’m always up for adding a new band to my list of
awesome audio goodness!

What I thought would never come
has come
I wish that I could say I did it cause I was young
Or even that it’s just that I’m dumb
The sweet ropes have come undone


WOW! Is all I can say about Vive9’s new Grace Skins! I tend to wear my makeup the way I would in RL, smoky eyes and very lightly glossed lips or with very little color. I have huge lips (RL and SL lol) and color tends to make them overpower my face, but I couldn’t help loving this incredibly 40s Glam look. The dark cherry red lips paired with dark eyes would normally be too much for me, but somehow BluAbyss has found the perfect balance for them, plus i love the dark skin (I’m about that dark in RL) and appreciate that the makeup makes the skin tone practically SING! You can also check out some preview pics of the new Grace Skins at
I can’t wait for them to be released!

So a few days ago, I posted a really cute Artilleri dress that’s no longer available for purchase and feel a little bad about it. I said i’d post another Artilleri dress and here it is! I dig Antonia’s rockabilly style and I love her full and knee-length skirts. I think sometimes when we think sexy, we tend to think short, revealing and rather slutty, I remember I dated a guy in SL once, who got mad at me because I wouldn’t wear more revealing clothes (yea.. i know RIGHT!!), but wearing this Leopard print dress makes me feel like a Sex Kitten. It’s a definite date dress where you just want to be girly as hell and scorching hot. RAWWR!

You guys have to check this out! So yesterday I popped into game and as soon as I popped in, Josue sends me and IM.. and i’ll just post it because it’s funny as hell!!

[2009/11/29 14:36] Josue Habana: bubbles are you busy? I need you over here in your underwear top fight with skylar
[2009/11/29 14:36] Josue Habana: rofl!
[2009/11/29 14:36] Josue Habana: and no, im not joking
[2009/11/29 14:36] Bubbles Komachi: ummm
[2009/11/29 14:36] Bubbles Komachi: wait
[2009/11/29 14:36] Bubbles Komachi: thats a lot to process as soon as i popped in
[2009/11/29 14:36] Josue Habana: ok
[2009/11/29 14:36] Bubbles Komachi: you need me to fight your gf in my undies?
[2009/11/29 14:37] Josue Habana: im doing a pixel scoop post called something like “10 acts of violence that don’t cost a thing”

LOL! I know he’s a fuckin riot, so of course I said YES!! Josue (and I’ve said it before) is a brilliant writer and I love his Pixel Scoop posts, and secretly I think he just wanted to see Skylar fight another girl in her underwear (rofl!). You can check out the article here 10 Acts of Violence That Don’t Cost a Penny, so run(!), don’t walk over to the blog, because well, theres girls in their undies fighting with weapons! I definitely had a great time in the ring with Skylar and my favorite has got to be the Hand Gun. In fact, I am sending out a note to the creator (Minda Magic).. begging for a version of the nail clippings to be in different colors or better yet, a french manicure!


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