Black Friday Aftermath

29 Nov

Cute Winter Gear!


Look Ma, I Survived Black Friday ’09!

SKIN: Belleza
HAIR: Sixty Nine – Glow 10 in Dark Brown
SWEATER: Boom – The Cashmere in Cream
JACKET: Apple May Designs – Elle Jacket in Brown
PANTS: Paper.Doll – Classic Denim in Black Wash 
HAT: Epoque – Baggy Knit Hat (50L Friday)
SHOES: AW Designs – Schoo in Leopard
POSES: !Femme


No Doubt – It’s My Life
Gwen and crew is just BOMB!

It’s funny how I found myself in love with you
If I could buy my reasoning I’d pay to lose
One half won’t do
I’ve asked myself
How much do you
Commit yourself?
Well it’s my life
Don’t you forget
It’s my life
It never ends


I used to work retail many many years ago (freshman in college) and worked through 3 years of Black Friday.. and since that time, i refuse, absolutely REFUSE to run out shopping like a maniac for those limited time sales. I am just not that insane! That however didn’t stop me from doing the sales here in SL! I fought through the lag and ran over some heifers to get towards what i wanted, i did the 50Ls Friday sales as well as other stores and i came away with too much and spent even more! I’m holding myself down from posting all the 50L Friday goodies right away, mainly because everyone has done them already, I plan on incorporating them into my everyday look (swear this blog is my excuse to shop) as always so you’ll be seeing them float around from time to time.

I, however, couldn’t stop myself from posting about the Cape Cod skybox from Molto Bene!. Only 50Ls for 3 rooms with changeable walls and flooring and seriously it made me squeal! All my pics were taken in it, and I know its super empty right now but I’m slowly starting to furnish it. I adore it so much and what started out as simply another studio for pictures is quickly turning into my new home.

Wait.. this is a fashion blog right? I forget sometimes with my rambling! Jacket is the newest release from Apple May Designs and at only 100Ls each it’s an incredible bargain, what’s even better is the fat pack of 5 colors is only 375Ls! I know, why buy separate when you can just fatpack it! The shoes are one of my faves and was bought a year ago it seems! I’ve never blogged them before and they definitely deserve the attention. Incredibly well made and selling for a super fair price, AW Designs is seriously WIN for these, plus they come in funky patterns, I happen to have on the Leopard (rawwwr). I did say i would try to not blog any 50Ls Friday items just yet, but i couldn’t help myself with Epoque’s baggy knit cap, its color changeable and too friggin adorable not for me to sport. Lastly, i need to send a shout out to the incredible Aranel Ah of Boom, her new cashmere sweaters are what yummie fall and winter dreams are made of! Gorgeously made and comes in a variety of colors and layers to mix and match with all your favorite clothing items.

Gotta say it, I’m feelin’ all sorts of cute, all this shopping and I didn’t even have to cut a bitch!
Oh!! BIG UPS to Marls Vaughan of Coffee Smoke just for being one kick ass chickadee with an awesome blog!


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