All Dressed Up…. and no date in sight.

26 Nov

Artilleri’s Roaring Gwen dress
(vintage inventory find because it’s no longer available!)


Awww.. Say I Look Pretty!

SKIN: Free Speerit – Kimberly in Glamour
HAIR: Dernier Cri – Natasha in Black
DRESS: Artilleri – Roaring Gwen in Blue (no longer available)
CARDIGAN: Decoy – Izzie Cardigan in Sky
SCARF: Decoy – Mraz Scarf in Midnight
EARRINGS: Paper Couture – Pearl Strand Set (part of set)
BRACELETS: Zaara – Pallav Clear Bracelets
PURSE: +plus – Big Clutch in Rose Vinyl Leather
STOCKINGS: X2:Exotica – Sheer Stockings
SHOES: N-Core – Prelude Xtreme Heel in Black
POSES: Fri.Day and Penny Dreadful Arcade


Duran Duran Ft. Timbaland – Nite Runner
First off… LOVE LOVE this song!!
From 80s Duran Duran to this new sound, and I know
So many people hate it.. but screw you, I ADORE IT!
I find myself singing along and the beat is hot,
Duran Duran never sounded better!

Light scatters
When you walk into the room
Under shadow
I can feel the heat in you
Should I be surprised
I see the possibility
Moving right across to me
And it all matters
When I’m getting close to you, hey yeah
Uh huh


Seriously, all dressed up but no date in sight, so what does the forever SL-Single girl do?

A. Pick up random noobish men at clubs?
B. TP over your favorite guy friend who will stroke your ego and say it’s them and not you?
C. Run around shopping with your girlfriends and drain your Ls?
D. Log Off

I did a little bit of C and D.. honestly I don’t mind being single in SL.. except for the moments when I’m feeling all cute (as I am right now) and there isn’t a boy to nuzzle (virtually at least) my neck and tell me “you did good babe”. And I miss that at times… but very few and far in between I assure you! I will say that what I miss most about a relationship, RL and SL.. is that awesome connection where it’s just lots of talking, flirting and giggling. When someone just get’s you and you stay up til all hours of the night because sleep would just cut into the time you have. WTF, I think I just revealed to all my readers exactly how mushy and girly I REALLY am? DOH!

So check this dress, so incredibly sweet isn’t it? It’s by Artilleri but is no longer available, I didn’t realize that until after I put this look together and did the pictures, I feel a teensy bad, but next post, I think I’ll do an Artilleri that’s still available, so my bad, that was major fail on my part! I’m big into mixing textures, and it’s funny how some things just work! When I saw the neckscarf at Decoy a few months back during their massive sale, I just couldn’t pass it up. It’s very elegant in a way, and draws attention to your neck and face, which is always a good thing!  A scarf so pretty needs a updo to properly show it off, so I pulled out of my massive inventory of hairs this very sweet style from Dernier Cri.  I love the flawless sweep of the bangs and wished my hair in RL would behave like that!

That’s all folks! I promise, no more relationship rambles. Maybe the moon is full??

I just got a chance to publish this post today
(even though I was suppose to do it the day before)
in the midst of all this preparation to gorge myself full of thanksgiving goodness….


2 Responses to “All Dressed Up…. and no date in sight.”

  1. Ashe Anthony November 26, 2009 at 11:18 pm #

    Very nice, and omg I can totally relate to you.
    Like half of my friends are in couples and all, and then I’m just there.
    So many nice looks and dresses, what does one do without a date? D:

    • Bubbles Komachi November 26, 2009 at 11:54 pm #

      Ashe – LOL! Truth, but i still get by, it’s less drama right? We can self hug.. yayyyyy SELF HUG!!!!

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