HOT BOY ALERT #6 – Jeff Lowbeam

24 Nov

I first met Jeff at a poetry reading, mostly because he has an awesome voice and even better words! I’ve been a Jeff fan since, and have enjoyed all of our convos as sporadic as they are! I can sit there and lecture him about fashion and he in turns gives me a different perspective on my writings. You can visit Jeff’s poetry blog at
Life in a Second.

I’ve been bugging Jeff for a bit to let me interview him, and we finally found the time to sit down and talk. For this interview, I went more for what a guy thinks then my typical “boxers or briefs” type questions. I tried to keep it short, as we all know how I can ramble. Enjoy!

[14:22] Bubbles Komachi: So Jeff, I understand you hate prims, isn’t that like SL blasphemy??
[14:23] Jeff Lowbeam: only to SL snobs
[14:23] Bubbles Komachi stares
[14:23] Bubbles Komachi: are you meaning me sir!
[14:23] Jeff Lowbeam shrugs
[14:23] Jeff Lowbeam: if the Prada fits
[14:24] Bubbles Komachi: pardon, but I’m a Dior girl not Prada; but prims makes SL fashion just that much better!
[14:24] Jeff Lowbeam: I’m just glad RL clothing doesn’t work that way. I’d hate to have to enlarge my chest just so my shirt fits. I know you hate that feeling, Bubbles.
[14:25] Bubbles Komachi stares @ chest .. is that an observation of my too small chest?? o.O So what is your SL style mostly? Very reflective of RL or something entirely different?
[14:26] Jeff Lowbeam: I’m easy-going in both really. Not too complicated. In my line of work I wear a tie a lot, but I have to say I rely on women around me to help me stay somewhat acceptable.
[14:26] Bubbles Komachi: which is where i came in right! lol
[14:26] Jeff Lowbeam: Well, you’re not often honest with me, Bubbles.
[14:27] Bubbles Komachi: So let’s tap into the guy psyche, because guys always think one way, and it’s almost always completely different from a girl’s point of view don’t you think? Agree or disagree, men pay escorts not for the sex but so they’ll go away in the morning?
[14:28] Jeff Lowbeam: Absolutely, guys who pay for sex want it to stay just sex.
[14:28] Jeff Lowbeam: It’s like Cliff Notes to Literature…
[14:28] Bubbles Komachi: ouch!
[14:28] Jeff Lowbeam: For guys who can’t handle the real thing
[14:28] Bubbles Komachi: so escorts are cliff notes of sex?
[14:28] Jeff Lowbeam: cliff notes to relationships
[14:29] Bubbles Komachi: oooh, do you feel most men, especially here in the realm of secondlife CAN’T handle relationships?
[14:29] Jeff Lowbeam: I think MOST men (not all) use SL as a compensation for a poor RL. That’s why Noob men are so overly muscular.
[14:31] Bubbles Komachi: lol! so tell me about your shape and attitude when you started SL, how closely did you want to keep it to RL and your mentality for starting a game like this?
[14:31] Jeff Lowbeam: I worked at first to try to keep it as close to RL as possible except that I wanted to have pure white hair. Then I modified as I went like most of us do.
[14:32] Bubbles Komachi: Very Colonel Sanders chic! hehe
[14:32] Jeff Lowbeam: without the chicken grease, Southern gentleman perhaps?
[14:32] Bubbles Komachi: Woot! So why Secondlife? Did you have a purpose when you started, or was it basically “ooh looks like the sims, it could be fun” thought process
[14:33] Jeff Lowbeam: I read about poetry readings and thought “I could do that.” I totally did it for poetry exposure. Everything else I’ve gained was icing on the cake.
[14:33] Bubbles Komachi: and not the easy pixel sex? *gasps*
[14:34] Jeff Lowbeam: Nope…I haven’t even invested lindens in “cough, cough” you know.

[14:34] Bubbles Komachi: So what do you think about SL sex?
[14:35] Jeff Lowbeam: I don’t really get it.
[14:35] Bubbles Komachi: what don’t you get?
[14:35] Jeff Lowbeam: Cartoon sex seems to be unfulfilling to me. I guess if the people were getting into the story or the voice more than the animation, I could see the motivation.
[14:37] Bubbles Komachi: So.. obviously my readers wanna know about your SL status. Single? Dating? Not looking? ball and chain?
[14:37] Jeff Lowbeam: Married and totally fulfilled with the marriage. We didn’t have an SL marriage, but she is my partner here as much as in RL.
[14:38] Bubbles Komachi: what does she think of you being an SL hotboy?
[14:39] Jeff Lowbeam: She is very amused. Only because she finds it funny that I could get a big head over this.
[14:39] Bubbles Komachi: lol, how’s your head size now?
[14:39] Jeff Lowbeam: I think it’s ok. I’ve learned to adjust it to fit my hair.
[14:40] Bubbles Komachi: rofl! and back to the prims! So I know you said you starts SL because of poetry, what do you think of the poetry scene as a whole? and what projects do you have lined up in SL now if any?
[14:41] Jeff Lowbeam: I’d like to do a book to be released in SL and RL simultaneously. I’ve done initial chat about it, but that’s all. The scene as a whole: some really good stuff, some really bad stuff, much like a local poetry scene.
[14:41] Jeff Lowbeam: It’s hard to know if people really like your stuff because you can’t read facial expressions like in RL. I’ve also found many people are hesitant to be totally honest.
[14:42] Bubbles Komachi: do you think you’ve grown creatively because of your time on SL at all?
[14:42] Jeff Lowbeam: I think sometimes people in SL over read….they spend more time reading than writing. We hear the same poems over and over.
[14:43] Jeff Lowbeam: I do think I’ve grown creatively. Any time you force yourself to meet new ideas.
[14:43] Bubbles Komachi: Sweet. So what advice would you give a noob who’s just stepped into the game for the first time?
[14:44] Jeff Lowbeam: That it works best when it’s not a game. When it’s an avenue for you to expand your knowledge, life, or relationships, it can be great. Find a mentor who has been here awhile.
[14:46] Bubbles Komachi: Very true! Ok, last question Jeff, describe your experience here in 6 words!
[14:46] Jeff Lowbeam: Enter with laughter, exit with thought.
[14:47] Bubbles Komachi: fantastic!!
[14:47] Jeff Lowbeam: ok, chicky
[14:47] Bubbles Komachi: thanks Jeff!
[14:47] Jeff Lowbeam: Thanks for a fun time.

Panty Meter Says..
Solid Yummy Goodness!

I’ve gotten some questions inworld about how I rate the interviews. Basically, I ask a group of friends, guys and girls, to read the interviews and check out the pixels before i post them. I take the average of all the scores and this is how it’s done! I think I’m going to start posting some of the comments I’ve gotten, guess i’ll start with Jeff!

Nyx Divine: Gee at first I figured that the poetry thing made him a tad pretentious….but he gets a 10 from me 🙂
Bubbles Komachi: lol! why a 10?
Nyx Divine: because he #1 is honest about his commitments
Nyx Divine: #2 and has some VERY good advice on how to deal w/ virtual SL


Syngen Sohmers: 9 on the answers. 7 of the Av so an 8 overall
Syngen Sohmers: But snark makes me hot
Bubbles Komachi: snark?
Syngen Sohmers: Yeah he’s got a snark to him.
Syngen Sohmers: But in a fun way
Bubbles Komachi: lol
Bubbles Komachi: yeaa! ty baby!


Nicole Bourne: enter with laughter, exit with thought. i like that.
Nicole Bourne: as for rating….ummm…..lesse
Nicole Bourne: solid 8


2 Responses to “HOT BOY ALERT #6 – Jeff Lowbeam”

  1. Jeff Lowbeam November 25, 2009 at 7:30 am #

    That’s how you come up with MOST of the ratings!!

    • Bubbles Komachi November 25, 2009 at 11:27 am #

      boy.. shhhhh!!!! shhh and bask damn it! I’m revealing my friends secret thoughts to the world here.. lol!

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