Baby, It’s Cold Outside….

9 Nov

Kookie’s Pomski Coffee Candy Boots
(50Ls Fridays FTW!!)


Bundled up against the Cold

SKIN: Fishy Strawberry – Lan in Mocha Sky
HAIR: Mirai Style – Sari in Chocolate
TOP: Fri.Day – Longsleeve Layering Tee in Pink
CARDIGAN: MilK Motion – My Short Cardigan (50Ls Friday)
JEANS: Paper.Doll – Ripped Denim Grey Wash (Pumpkin Hunt gift)
BELT: Kyoot – Dark Bella Morte Belt
NECKLACE: Skream! – Scattered Beads
PIERCING: Skream! – Just Smile
SHOES: Kookie – Pomski Coffee Candy Boots (50Ls Friday)
POSES: Slash Me Poses


Cobra Starship Ft. Leighton Meester – Good Girls Go Bad
I friggin LOVE this song!
the boys are way too cute!

I know your type
(Your type)
You’re daddy’s little girl
Just take a bite
(One bite)
Let me shake up your world
‘Cause just one night couldn’t be so wrong
I’m gonna make you lose control
She was so shy
Till I drove her wild


I want to take this time… to profess my love for 50Ls Friday! I personally hate hunts! The lag and half the time, the stuff is filled with, well.. things I don’t ever need! Plus at times with 100 stores or more, I lose my need to do the hunt after maybe.. store 5! With 50Ls Friday, most designers make something new and special for it, and i honestly don’t mind paying for anything if i love it! I’ve gotten to ‘discover’ a few stores through the program and have become a frequent shopper at them on regular days! Weekend Fever is also fantastic, a theme per week and designers taking that as a challenge, this past weekend it was Brown and some of the stuff i got was way too cute!

I’m showing off some of my 50Ls Friday goodies, I already own a few Pomski boots, but this Coffee Candy color is wayyyy too sweet to pass up! I’m feeling all sorts of Pretty n Bundled up, and got hit on by a girl while running around grabbing SLurls for this post. ROFL

All pictures were taken at the gorgeous Botanical store/sim and the poses are from Claire’s new Slash Me is a Fashion Tart packet at Slash Me Poses


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