My First Interview!

7 Nov

Yes! I’ve just had my first interview ever and from one of my favorite websites! Check out my interview at Pixel Scoop and bookmark it! Josue is an absolutely brilliant and funny writer (like his machinima spoof on the SL-Octo mom lol) and his posts are epic! 

Heres a quick sneak preview of one of the questions i got asked

Why have you not had sex with Philip Linden?
I think it’s honestly the timing, that man is so elusive, I can never work it so we’re in the same sim and on the same poseballs at the same time. It’s certainly not the lust because I absolutely lust after Philip’s sexy pixels.

ROFL! Yes i said it! I’d so rock Philip Linden’s pixels! Oh and Josue seems to have forgotten that when we first met he also told me to go get bitten by a puppy! Thank you so much Josue <33


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