Cyber Freakin’

1 Nov

AVZ’s Boots and
Bare Rose’s Cross Bones Jacket
(dig my well placed Kanji rofl!)


Cyber Freak…Cyber Freak..she’s Cyber Freakin’ yeaooowwww
(wow i’m a dork huh!)

SKIN: Exodi
HAIR: Truth – Willow in Seaspray
PIERCINGS: Skream! – Delicate Fangs piercing
DRESS: Luck Inc. – Sinken Dress in Gold
JACKET: Bare Rose – Cross Bones Lady in Black
BELT: Bare Rose – Cross Bones Lady in Black
GLOVES: YV – Vivien Ring Gloves
NECKLACE: Fuel – Heart Felt key
BOOTS: AVZ – Wrapped Boots
POSES: Long Awkward Pose


Rehab – What Do You Want From Me
DIG this song hardcore!

I’ve tried it all twice or more
Told the lies and hit the floor
Broken down, what is real?
Hoping, doubt try to kill
Each other in the war that’s in
My head I hurt from all my sins
Grin and bare the pain and angst
Sort thru all my brain’s complaints
Ain’t enough I need some help


I’m extremely girly, but every so often the incredibly sexual and dark side of me like to come out to play, I’ve had these boots for a while and never got a chance to blog them.  I love the Cyber  Punkness (err is that a word?) of them.  It always makes me feel like I should be out kickin’ some ass with them on!  The jacket i pulled out of the depths of my inventory and immediately remember WHY i bought it. Bare Rose is always such a great value for your money, this Jacket came with pants and 3 other colors. The dress is Luck Inc. and even though i have the version with my nipples all covered, i opted for the slut version because.. well.. I can 😉

All pictures were taken at the haunted school on Erie Isle RP Sim.


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