So Cute Saturday

24 Oct

Skream!’s Mr. Owl Necklace
so cute!


Super Casual for a Lazy Saturday

HAIR: Argrace – Beanie /Long Layered Wavy in Black
TANK: Ohmai – Basics Loose Racerback in Maroon
SWEATER: BOOM – Wrong Size Cardi in Champagne
SKIRT: Sweetest Goodbye – Tik Tak in Khaki
PIERCINGS: skream! – Just Smile
NECKLACE: skream! – Mr. Owl Necklace
CUFFS: Sey – Wristband
FINGERTAPE: Luck Inc – Finger Tapes Dollarbie
SOCKS: Pixel Mode – Roxy Roller Socks in Red
SHOES: Shiny Things – Old Laceup Boots in black
POSES: Fri.Day


The Black Eyed Peas – Joints & Jam
THIS is the BEP i fell in love with years ago
please bring them back, and cut all that
i got a feelin bulllllshit!

Let your body collide to the rhythm provided
By the mind state affairs classified and make your
Heat up and flare I swear
A serenade, a soul and so beware
And what’s happenin’ here, seek one to help you
Feelin’ a piece of mind, let your spine unwind
Maybe in time you can stop this crime
But until then, yo I’m-a rock a rhyme sayin’…


Today… is just one of those days! I’ve ben sporting this for the last 3 days and finally just got time to now take a pic and blog it! Eeeesh, life is beginning to move too fast, i need a moment to breathe.. PLEASE!
Oh! I can’t forget to send out a big fat thank you to Jacqueline Cliassi of Skream! who dropped this cute necklace on me a few weeks ago! I so lovers and adore kawaii things like it!


2 Responses to “So Cute Saturday”

  1. SarahTheRed October 26, 2009 at 1:26 pm #

    Cute outfit! I especially love the skin — where is it from?

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