Just Another Fall Day

19 Oct

CAKE’s Autumn in Paris Skirt &
TART’s Tania’s Corset


Brrr. Sight seeing when it’s this cold!

HAIR: Truth – Minx in Chocolate
CORSET: TaRt – Tania in Black
SKIRT/BELT: Cake – Autumn in Paris in Black
WRAP: Boom – Warm Shoulders in Black
GLOVES Viva La Glam – Brody Gloves in Copper
EARRINGS: *Kraftika – No 110 Golden Earrings
BRACELETS: Zaara – Nizam Choodiya Bangles
SHOES: Redgrave – Black Leather Boots
POSE: Long Awkward Pose


Dengue Fever – Sni Bong
Translated it means “Love You”
Obviously i’m Khmer and i looooooove this band, if you ever get a chance
to check them out live, DO IT! i’ve been pulled up on stage many times
and every show is the FUCKIN BOMB!!!

(lol yea im going to translate some lyrics woot)
Every night, i listen to your song my darling
gazing at the stars, how beautiful they are
Every night, i listen to your song my darling
gazing at the stars, how beautiful they are
I love you, did you know that i love you?
i’ve loved you for such a long time
a love just for you and darling
you never realized
Baby don’t make such a face

Nimol, the lead singer of Dengue Fever told me a few years back when this song first came out that she was so nervous to perform it, it was her first time singing in English and she was embarrassed about her thick accent. I told her not to worry because American boys love accents! She’s such a sweetie and so are the rest of the band, my sister used to have the biggest crush on Paul the drummer and i was allllll about Senon the base player, maybe it’s because he looked liked my boyfriend at the time lol, I get to hang out with them whenever they’re in town which always makes me feel special. If you wanna learn more about them, check out their myspace.. http://www.myspace.com/denguefevermusic

Anyway.. i had to put in a lil word about fave band in there! As for SL, it’s definitely mirroring my RL at this moment, it’s been storming like a MFer here and chilly as well, so i’ve been bulking up in layers both SL and RL… to break from all of that, I hung out with The Boy last night and decided to wear something fun and sexy but with elements of fall. The warm shoulder wrap, the heavy multi-tier skirt which i ADORE(!!!) with pretty pointy boots and of course, this sexy corset for some skin showing! He called me sexy (heart flutters) and I couldnt wait to blog it!

Funny thing is, that skirt, i bought over a year ago! I love pulling older items and mixing them with newer ones! BTW i took the pics while sight seeing at one of my favorite sims on the grid.. The Great Wall of China! You gotta go visit it and the surrounding sims!


One Response to “Just Another Fall Day”

  1. Dave Malkus August 14, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    Nimol is more than a sweetie, she’s a beauty. I wish she were my girlfriend. But I’m too old for her (68). I’d cover her with kisses and tell her how great she is every 5 minutes. I’d give her a fancy car with a chauffeur. I’d buy her a ticket to Cambodia anytime she wanted to go . First I gotta get rich, like she and her pals will soon.

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