A Tribute to THE QUAD!

18 Oct

Last Call, Canimal, ETD, Celestial Studios
My first love when it came to a shopping district

Kickin’ it!

On Nicole:
SKIN: Celestial Studios – Fall Collection in Fall 2, Bronzed Tone
EYES: Dreaming Alice – Real Glass Eyes in Green
HAIR: ETD – Sea Nymph in Sea Drift
SHIRT: ETD – Kick Rocks Tee in Butter
JEANS: Last Call – Carrie Cropped Jeans (discontinued)
EARRINGS: +plus – Ethnic Minimal Earrings in Black
NECKLACE: Fashionably Dead – (fd) tiny cross necklaces
RING: Uzuri – Amazone Bronze Ring
BANGLES: tosl adamas – wood bangle brazillian nights
SHOES: Aikane – Leopard Sneaker

On Bubbles:
SKIN: Celestial Studios – Spring Collection in Fresh, Amber Tone
HAIR: ETD – Tasha in Espresso
SHIRT: Canimal – Little Miss G33ky
VEST: Last Call – Bad Influence Leather Vest in Urban Decay (discontinued)
JEANS: Last Call – Micha (discontinued)
EARRINGS: Canimal – Jungle Earrings
CUFFS: ETD – Leather Ring Wristband in Black
SHOES: ETD – Buckle Ballet Flats in Celery

Girl’s Night Out

On Bubbles:
SKIN: Celestial Studios – Spring Collection in Vernal, Amber Tone
HAIR: Aveda Institute by ETD – Long Wavy in Toffee
BRA: Canimal – Lust in Pink Dots
JACKET: Last Call – Olivia Lacy Buckled Cardigan (discontinued)
PANTS: Last Call – Nicole (discontinued)
NECKLACE: Last Call – Zodiac Monkey (discontinued)
SHOES: ETD – Heel Strap Platforms in Sunshine

On Nicole:
SKIN: Celestial Studios – Deviant Collection in Fishnet, Bronzed Tone
EYES: Dreaming Alice – Real Glass Eyes in Green
HAIR: ETD – Christina in Chocolate
DRESS: Last Call – Carrie babydoll Dress (discontinued)
STOCKINGS: Celestial Studios – Black Fishnet Tights
EARRINGS: Redgrave – Long Silver Earrings
BANGLES: +plus – Red Bangles
NECKLACE: [mpb] – Tainted Mirror
PURSE: Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag in Patent Cherry
SHOES: Armidi – Dalia Pumps in Silver

Red Carpet Ready

On Bubbles:
SKIN: Celestial Studios – Vogue Skin Collection in Mid Slate, Bronze Tone
HAIR:  ETD – Chalisa II in Chestnut
DRESS: Last Call – Pragmata in Sanguine
EARRINGS: Celestial Studios – Diamond Drop Hoops
RING: Chloe – Bubbles Ring in Platinum
SHOES: ETD – Starley Pumps in Silver

On Nicole:
SKIN: Celestial Studios – Vogue Skin Collection in Smokey Red, Bronzed Tone
EYES: Dreaming Alice – Real Glass Eyes in Green
HAIR: ETD – Gwen in Espresso
DRESS: Last Call – Paprazzi (discontinued)
NECKLACE: Cihuae – Double bar Necklace
EARRINGS: Artilleri – Teardrop Earrings
RINGS: Paper Couture – Times Square Ring
SHOES: Maitreya – Virtue in Patent Black (no longer available)

a closer look at one of Starley’s skins…
I gotta say, Starley did start my skin addiction!


Spice Girls – Goodbye

Just a little girl,
Big imagination,
never letting no one take it away.
Went into the world, (into the world)
What a revelation.
She found there’s a better way for you and me to be.
Look for the rainbow in every storm,
Find out for certain,
Love’s gonna be there for you,
You’ll always be someone’s baby.


This was a bit of a hard post to do. I had the idea to do this a few weeks ago and just had the time this weekend to put it together. I grabbed my girl Nic and asked if she wanted to do this with me and she jumped on board right away.  The challenge was to do looks using only THE QUAD items.  We’ve both been on SL a long time and agree, THE QUAD was our first loves when it came to shopping district. For most of 2007 I lived for all their new releases. Last Call for most of my clothes, Celestial Studios for my skin addiction, ETD for all my hairs and Canimal for anything and everything funky.

The main reason i wanted to do this post was because of Ginny Talamasca. I didn’t know who Ginny was until the winter of 06 (wow was it that long ago?) when SL used to have it’s “most popular place” ranking on its search function. I remember seeing Dazzle at the top for weeks and always wondered what the hell it was. Finally i TP’d in and fell utterly in love… completely and utterly heads over heels in love with every single stitch of clothing i saw! I think i bought almost every single item during that 100Ls sale. It was through that winter sale at Dazzle, i happened to wonder over to Celestial Studios and bought my very first skin! When Dazzle officially closed and reborn as Last Call, I can honestly call it and Ginny.. my CRACK! I was feening for every single new release, every color, every fat pack, every project she did with other members of the QUAD.

My honest love for Last Call still holds strong today, i still wear her fashion, though im reluctant to blog something you can no longer buy. Til’ this day, i don’t know if any other store had captured me to the magnitude Last Call had. When i say it’s my CRACK.. i absolutely meant it! I know my feelings were echoed in Nicole, we had this long talk about it all. Sharing stories of how we’d try endlessly to get into the Quad when there was a huge sale going on, squealing about some of our favorite outfits from 2 years ago!

I remember how utterly shocked i was when i learned of Ginny’s passing. I remember reading the blog post from Starley and damn near crying. It was strange to me, how could i cry over a virtual stranger.. someone i’ve never actually knew or had a conversation with and the only thing i knew of her.. was her clothing. But it was enough, you get a sense of who she is through her clothing. Anyhoo.. this post has gotten way too long and its much overdue! But I had to send it out there… to the universe.. to the grid.. to the web.. i just had to send it out there.
We miss you Ginny.


3 Responses to “A Tribute to THE QUAD!”

  1. Ana Lutetia October 18, 2009 at 6:26 am #

    I miss the QUAD

  2. Echo Kinsella October 18, 2009 at 8:32 am #

    What a lovely post! Last Call was my crack too! I still feel a little lost without it and don’t feel I have quite found anything that has the same quality or style yet to match it. I loved new release day and couldn’t wait to get home from work to head over and buy it all up! I agree…”We Miss You Ginny!”

  3. Bubbles Komachi October 18, 2009 at 1:19 pm #

    Ana – i knew i wasnt the only one!

    Echo – So true!!! I was thinking about it so much lately, i just had to do a post! thank you so much for reading and commenting!


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