Roller Babes are GANGSTER!

13 Oct

Slash Me Poses!
I had some fun doing a story using only Claire’s poses!


Bubbles’ Big Day at the Skate Rink!

One day, Bubbles was rolling around a skating rink when she spied a super
sexy boy across the way.. putting on her best pimp voice she called out to him

Skating over quickly to him so she can show how smooth she can be
she accidently trips over her own two feet…
oOo SNAPS!! WTF OMG ackkkkkkkkkk!”

But Gangster Girls ALWAYS land on their feet, because bruised ass’
are so not gangster!
Woot yeaaa… you like that didn’t you?”

Unfortunately, the boy she was skating towards already had a girlfriend
so instead he bought her an ice cream.
“Boys are the DEVIL! Ice cream FTW!!”

HAIR: Rootbeer – Supafly Afro
SWIMSUIT: Exodi – Olivia Unikini in Black
JACKET: Ce Cubic Effect – Short Leather Jacket in Bright Gray
ICE CREAM: Reek – Spiderman Ice Cream
NECKLACE: FabulouS – GoldDigger Pendantz
EARRINGS: FabulouS – OldSchool Earring in Gold
BRACELETS: Skream! – Running Bangles in Gold
SOCKS: Pixel Mode – Roxy Roller Socks in Black (free!)
SKATES: Pixel Mode – Roxy Roller
POSES: Slash Me Poses


this song wont leave my head!!

You my new obsession
All I want to do
You my new obsession, girl
I feel on top of the world wit you baby
I want to dance and party tonight
I feel on top of the world wit my lady
I’m gonna rock your body all night
She makes me wanna sing
La la la la

ROFL!! I had such an awesome time doing these shots! A fattttttt thank you to Claire Dallin of Slash Me Poses for dropping these on me! I got the idea to do this storyline and the pieces all fell together when Nicole reminded me that Reek has the skate rink for only 1L! I high-tailed it over and grabbed that and the yummie spiderman ice cream pop and was reminded of how much i LOVE this store! A friend popped in mid-photoshoot and called me a bad-ass mama-jama (rofl) and i was feelin the entire 70/80s skater rink vibe! Speaking of.. the skates are a part of Pixel Mode’s 50L sale so run over before it’s too late and drop by Slash Me Poses to check out the new pose packages Claire released this weekend!


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