Stayin’ Casual

9 Oct

HOC Industries’ Sneaker Wedges


Feelin’ All Sorts of Funkayyyy!

SKIN: Belleza– Jesse (gift.. TY Tricky!!)
HAIR: Exile – Janine in Ash
TOP: GearShift – Zion Track Jacket
SKIRT: Modd.G – Carrie Skirt in Beige
ARMWARMERS: Maitreya– Armwarmers in Yellow
NECKLACE: FabulouS– illMatic in Platinum & Diamond
SOCKS: Maitreya – Sculpted Socks in Seashell
SHOES: HOC Industries – Sneaker Wedges in Grey (Plain Color Pack)
POSES: Vain Inc


Tami Chynn – Tell Mi Seh
I’ve loved Tami’s music since i first heard her 4 years ago
and DAMN her body is like sin!

Why you wan fi play me like a likkle bwoy
After you come chat say you a make me wife
Chatty Chatty Chatty but a nuttin pure lie
Would a really love fi know how you try
EVery day a ring ring ring off me phone
A beg me seh please come over I’m alone
You tell me seh you house is no longer a home
Bout you want some loving and you well wa fi …


Just feelin all sorts of youthful today. Those shoes are color changing shoes with about 9 or 10 different textures. I love wedges in RL… and these are sweet n funky plus.. only 30Ls!! Yes you read it right.. 9-10 textures, really well made shoes for 30Ls!!! OoOo SNAPS! Run to HOC Industries and pick some up!

Story time!! So I bought this skirt from Modd.G and the skirt prim itself is modifiable, but for some reason, I couldn’t. Some of you know the glitch where sometimes you get something that IS modifiable, but SL wont let you for some strange reason. So I relog, clear cache..etc hoping it would fix it, I could reposition it and rotate it, but for the love of Buddha I couldnt stretch it to fit my fat bum! Finally I had to contact the creator Moddishh GossipGirl for help, after sending me like 3 separate prims and none of them stretching, she sent one more and YESSSSSSS I could finally modify it! That’s it…the end! So a BIG thank you Moddishh for helping me out there! Much appreciated <33


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