Is It Autumn Already?

6 Oct

Boom’s new Aranel’s Wings

Skream’s Just Smile Facial Piercing


Burrrrr It’s Getting Chilly Out!

HAIR: Armidi– The Glamorous I in Chocolate
DRESS: Boom – Tamed in Katey’s White
JEANS: Boom – Gettin Low in Indigo
SCARF: Creamshop – Linen Stole Muffler in Rouge
EARRINGS: Creamshop – Silent Bamboo Earring in Red
BRACELET: Boom – Rhapsody Bangles in Midsummer Night
ANGEL WINGS: Boom – Aranel’s Wings (flared)
FACIAL PIERCING: Skream! – Just Smile Piercing
SHOES: Kookie– Pomski Boots in Snow white
POSES: Long Awkward Pose


Lloyd – You
I have no idea why, but this song has
been in my head for the past 2 days

Imma playa yeah, it’s true
But I change the game for you
I wanna see what it do
can I be for real?
This is how I feel
I’m in need of love
So let’s dip up out of here


Wow.. is it October already? How this year as flown by. My obsession are these cute mini angel wings with a chain from Boom! Love love love! Aranel dropped them on me a few days ago and i’ve been living in backless tops just to wear them! I love tats and piercings in RL and for some reason, here in SL i rarely wear them (rofl) but i do adore these Just Smile facial piercings from Skream! I adore the cute dimple piercings and want those in RL.. except i doubt i could get a serious job with them in lol! The dress is also a newest release from Boom, the high slits remind me of cheongsams and do i need to say anything about these Kookie boots?? I’m just the chick chillin in the “boots with da furrrrrr” rofl! I guess Autumn has arrive!


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